Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Love the Holidays

I love the holidays so much. We hosted about 30 wild Cosby's over at our house this year. I was really nervous, especially when my fashionably late family decided not to bombard us until 15 mins til lunch time. Ugh. Just when I thought no one was showing up to my Thanksgiving -boom- they were all here and ALL ready to eat.

Here are some of the kids playing in the basement bathtub. This is a fave spot for kids. Who knows? We don't use it, so they may as well?

I didn't get a whole lot of pics. I tried to enjoy everyone. It was a Great lunch. One of the best meals I have had in a long time. Not to forget the great company. After a quick nap by only 1 of our family of 4... we ate once again at my in-laws. My MIL is the best baker. I say this with all intention of stepping on toes... she is the best. I litterally told Jeff if I was dying of some awful disease where I could not swallow I would still want to eat her dutch apple pie (its an apple pie with crumble on top instead of crust). Its that good.

Black Friday came early this year. My friend Jessie and I had planned this Edinburgh trip for a long time! And it lived up to our hype. :) Her sister joined our adventure... and so did threats of ice. Our (wonderful) husbands were concerned for our safety. So, they decided to join too. haha We both got sitters (thanks Arlene) overnight at the last minute and ran out the door to brave the "weather". I say this sarcastically because there was no bad weather to speak of. It rained a little as we approached our destination then stopped. We were so lucky. It was so cold. We had no lists or expectations, maybe a couple "I hope to finds.." We all got great deals. Mommy a couple cute things, the girls some deals, and Daddy some shoes. My fave deal you ask.... We only stood in one long line, only because Gymboree had a black dress coat for Ayla. We waited an hour for it, well Jeff stood in line while I shopped. So, technically, he waited. I think it was worth it. Reg $60- marked down to $31 + extra 25% off.
So worth it.

The part I forgot to mention was we shopped from 10pm to 4am. We got home at 7am.

I am tired just thinking of it.

And really ready to go back. Hmm...

The rest of the weekend consisted of transforming my house from fall to winter. For some reason this year it is taking me twice as long to get it done and put the stuff away? I am sweeping up pine needles everyday and lugging boxes in and out. Phew. Almost done, just need to finish the porch.

The girls love all the lights up and the music we've been playing.

Definitely, IN the holiday spirit!

PS Who has Christmas cards made and sent? I haven't even taken my pics yet...


Tera said...

I haven't taken pictures for Christmas cards yet either! You could use the picture on your header? Glad you had a great holiday and safe shopping trip.

Beth said...

You guys are nuts. I would have fallen asleep in line! I am glad you had fun though and that your holiday season is going so splendidly.
I actually have my pictures, now to order the cards. I agree - use the ones BB took at the stable - so so cute.

Chelsa said...

love the girls outfits in the last picture! my christmas cards are sitting in the box addressed and waiting to be mailed out! i'm not sure when is the "proper" time to mail them?! lol i didn't want ppl getting them too early!