Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Leah Hope 18 months

It's here. She is a year and a half old. When I say it like that it seems so big and so small. You know in the grand scheme of things- 1 1/2 isn't much. But seems monumental to this Mom. This was my fave age by far with Ayla bc it was the time she seemed to soak up so much and became a true toddler.

But, Leah has been totally different from Ayla from the very beginning. So full of energy and life, def not shy like her sister. I love that they are different- makes it fun around here. She still has her loud, intense moments, but it seems like they are less frequent. Since her vocabulary is so big, if you tell her calmly to use her words she typically stops hollaring and lowers her voice and tells us what she wants. Most of the time she yells only for your attention anyways... no patience, this one. No clue where she got that. :)

This month has flown by and in 5 days she will be 19 months old. So I better hurry up and post this!
Leah, this year and half has been the busiest, loudest, silliest, best ever... Ayla, Daddy and I love you SO much and we couldn't imagine our days without you. Thanks for the spunk you give every day.

Leah Hope: 18 months

Can now jump with both feet off the ground. This is 6 mo sooner than Ayla completed this task.
Speaking so well in full 4 word sentenses. Sometimes words are a little muffled still, but getting better.

Wearing 18-24 mo some 2T clothes. Size 4 diapers. Size 6-7 shoes. Chubby feet

Fave toy lately has been baby dolls. Pushing them in stroller, dressing, and rocking them. Sometimes a little rough with baby, too ha That's just Leah.
Will do anything Ayla does. And would follow her to the ends of the earth.

Sleeps really well through the night usually 830pm-8am. Napping once a day 2-4pm.
Starting to recognize when there are letters on objects like shirts and signs. She mostly says "P" to any letter. But its neat to see that she is recognizing what they are. Doing the same with numbers and can count to 3.

Still very much loves to dance and sing. This girl has rhythm too!

Knows most her body parts really well even the hard ones. New faves are cheeks, tongue, and elbow.
At 18mo well check: Hit all milestones 33 in tall, 27 lbs

What a difference 18 months has made on my life.... I love you.


Chelsa said...

i love reading about miss leah!! i love her big personality :)

Jennifer said...

very cute pic of the two of you!

Abby said...

Leah, last year I posted about my cinnamon ornaments.. they kids LOVE these and we'll prob. do them again this year, just because they smell so darn good! here's the link Lillie saw the paper chain in a magazine last week and wants to do that this year... We also have handmade ornaments they have made from school/church. and fruit loop garland.. i tape a piece of yar to the table and put a crochet hook on the opposite end and let them sting their fruit loops away! nothing too creative but they love them!

Abby said...

haha ok.. i wrote to leah, instead of cortney!!

Brookeanne said...

Thanks for the sweet comment! I love seeing all the new pictures of the girls! They look so happy and healthy!