Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fast Fall

Isn't it lovely outside? Ha This is typical fall, that we haven't been having lately. You can't be mad at a good rain. Especially when its been this long since we've had one. It makes me want to stay indoors and snuggle with my computer. I love my computer. ha Wish I was joking. Im a nerd. We didn't snuggle today though. We ran errands for dance and Christmas decor.

Id snuggle with my girls too. But they are too busy being busy all.the.time. Running around like crazy using their imaginations. They play really well together, but I break up alot of tiffs. I am sure this is normal for the amount of face time these two get! Most of the time its playing house, tea party (without cups its weird), doggy, etc. Its funny because Ayla comes up to be with leftover ribbon and says Leah wants to walk the dog. Leah walks Ayla. Ha. Totally their personalities. Ayla calls her her best friend :)

Right now its naptime. Im blogging and eating a Christmas tree cake (thanks Jen-boo) and thinking about how fast this fall has flown. Say that 5x fast! Not to say fall is over, but we are nearing the holidays which suggests winter is near. With Thanksgiving coming up next week the girls and I are learning about turkeys and thankfulness. My friend shared an awesome preschool link to activities to do with your kiddos.

So I will share it too. You're welcome. It's pretty cute. Jeff brought us home some more goodies from it today. I even have Leah partaking. Speaking of Leah- she turned 19mo old yesterday. Good thing I got her 18 mo post up! haha

In case you didn't know. I went to Vegas for my Mom's bday. It was awesome. So beautiful. I was super nervous about many different things. But was pleasently surprised at myself, my husband, my kids, my Mom, and Las Vegas. Of course, the girls def missed me and vice versa. But the trip came at the right time. Its funny how that happens!
Isn't my Mama pretty? :)
A couple days after returning my studio classes started and its going really well! So very excited. Hope to not get ran over by 7 yr olds this week though. THey are tough!
Now that we've talked Thanksgiving.. what about Christmas. I am biting at the bit to put up decor. But, I know I'll be ready for it to be down if it goes up too early! So I am in planning and crafting mode. I am currently making Christmas wreaths and trees out of forms and ribbons. Pretty cute. They will go in my bathrooms. I have a goal to try to make every room in my house holiday-ish. I doubt this will happen. Its more of a long term goal. Considering my budget or lack of full time employment wouldn't like that! A girl can dream. I look at the Pottery Barn mags and drool. Its lovely this time of year (or anytime- for that matter).
I think I've covered my bases. Hope to report in again before Turkey day!


Abby said...

Oh Cortney we are alike! I went to evansville today and bought not christmas decor, but things to make christmas decor! love it!! and i'm so anxious too to put up christmas things, i did buy two new trees today and don't know if i'm gonna be able to wait to see them up, but please share christmas decor ideas.. i did buy a sheet of bead board today too, have seen lots of cute ways to make little gifts out of it!!I can't share too much, because some people may see things, but maybe i'll email ya pictures if I ever get them done!! have fun!

Brookeanne said...

You're Mommy is very pretty and you look just like her! So glad you got to go out and have fun on the town! I wish I had that kind of relationship with my mother to do that kind of stuff. But my mom... she likes dogs... yep, that's about it, lol. Thanks for your funny comment earlier! Enjoy your Christmas crafts! Are you making Christmas bows for the girls?

Jessie said...

Omg we DO think alike! Ha, I just posted a rather random post about catching up, Tday, Christmas, etc. Too funny. Anyways, I just realized that I still haven't heard about your Vegas trip! I'd love to hear how it went. Also, your plan for decorating each room makes me tired! Lol, sounds awesome but too lofty for me! I'll have to check out that website, too. I saw it on fb. Sounds like we have lots to talk about this weekend!

Jennifer said...

Had fun chatting with you too and totally forgot to ask you how Vegas was! I bet you girls had a blast. I think I saw the wreaths you were talking about and they look super cute...I saw a couple made out of dry beans, of all things, but they were really cute! I have been crafting, too. I will e-mail you a few links because some of the stuff I am making is so awesome and so cheap and needs to be shared. We did get family portraits done a few months ago, for campaign materials. But we got a few really good ones and the more I look at that pic of Travis and I the more I like it. I want to see your crafts! Maybe I just need to make a quick trip to Washington??

Chelsa said...

glad to hear vegas went well! yourmomma is pretty and you look just like her! :)

you should tell us more about these crafts :)

and i don't deprieve you on purpose of my sweet chunky corbin! i'd love to see your face!

Sonya said...

Wow your mamma and you are beautiful! You look just like her:) Would love to see some of these craft ideas.

Tera said...

Great to hear an update! I'm anxious to start decorating for Christmas too...mostly because it will be different this year being in the new house. Did you go to Vegas for something special? We love Vegas and have gone several times. My sisters and I took our Mom for her 50th birthday a few years ago. :)
I'm excited to see your craft projects!!