Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kinda Crafty

Things haven't slowed down but that's ok. I have been bitten by the holiday bug. I stay up late hours looking at all the amazing ideas for a crafty Christmas. Handmaking gifts, clothes, and treasures for your family and friends. It all makes me tingle.

Well, that sounds weird, but you get the idea.

In my last post I mentioned my fave designer magazines that go gaga this time of year. It seems as if they decorate every room of their home cozily and not crazily. Thus my quest began. I started out this week but making these sweet trees for my bathrooms. I have a few more to go, but need some more ribbons/texture. I also began a wreath with the same materials to hang on the doors. Bathrooms... check.

(wreath is not done... just and idea)
The girls will get a tree in Ayla's room, but I thought I would do another fun tree in our sunroom. Abby and I have been chatting on our recent craftiness (am I just making up words now?) and she does a neat tree with her kiddos and homemade ornaments. Leah is a good age to be able to do this with both girls so we'll be stringing fruit loops and getting glitter on our floor soon. Ayla's room... Sunroom... check,check.
I have more ideas swirling. Hopefully, I can share more later. I can't technically put out any decor bc we are hosting the Cosby Thanksgiving here, so fall is remaining for one more week. That gives me plenty more time to dream and drool over my next projects.
Im not only decorating my home for the holidays but my children. A gal pal of mine made these precious tutus. Oh. Can't wait to see them in them!

PS.. 36 days til Christmas


Chelsa said...

ohhh it's all ADORABLE!!! :)
love those little trees!

Brookeanne said...

You are too cool! I just can't seem to get on top of any of that stuff! But I'm enjoying drooling at yours ;)1

Beth said...

i have a very good memory for the written word (not for anything else, or where my keys are, or where i dropped pete's credit card while shopping at dollar tree - you get the point). so i was excited to see this blog from you. if you'll recall your blog from this time last year, which i have copied and pasted below Our family is in full swing Christmas mode. The cards are on their way to the mail, the trees, lights and wreaths are hung (mostly), the parties are starting, and the food has been bountiful! But, if Im being honest, Im kinda not that into it. Sigh.
That made me sad last year. I am happy you are happier with the season. I KNOW I am. Last year I was still in the depths of post-baby blues, and I also got genuine e coli food poisoning while making holiday cookies, so this year is awesome in comparison! i am loving the holidays already, including your holiday blog. i can't wait to see more. take care and ENJOY! b/p/t

Erica said...

sooooo cute! I will now call you Martha Stewart! Your such a fun mommy!

Jennifer said...

Your trees turned out cute! I am moving SLOWLY on my christmas crafts, but they are getting done and look fabulous! So excited to give a few as gifts this year!

Abby said...

yeah for the trees and wreath.. adorable.. i have seen those on a couple blogs and bought supplies to make the glitter trees! but haven't finished yet... i've put the decorating the kids part to use this weekend and have been making skirts for lillie, thansgiving/christmas shirts for them all and working on some awesome new flower clips that i think are absolutely adorable!!! i'll try to post pics. too!