Saturday, February 18, 2012

Abram's Nursery update

36 wk belly

I am MUCH bigger now... like think Thanksgiving Tom Turkey. This baby has done a number on my body. Though I am thankful every day and I am honestly not complaining, just reminds me of the things we go through for our kiddos :)

Thought you all would enjoy a little update on wee man's nursery before he gets here. The pics are not so great, but serves to show we've been up to something!
I designed the shelf we built to go above his bed. It spans the whole back wall, and looks so much better in person than in pictures.

Still on the hunt for some rowing oars if anyone spies them in grandpa's garage! Other than that just a few odds & ends like a old map & some book storage. Oh and a precious baby boy :)

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