Wednesday, February 1, 2012

35 wks and counting...

This has definitely been the fastest pregnancy ever! For me, that is. But, to be honest, the past couple weeks have creeped by slowly as we approach lil man's arrival. It doesn't help that for four weeks I was miscounting so I had to relive a week I thought I already had. Such is life!

As we get closer, my contractions have gotten stronger and sharper than with my girls but still irregular which is fine with me. Abram proves to be very wiggly and responds to music like he is a tiny composer in my belly!

In preparation...I have my hospital bag started, girls overnight bag started, and the diaper bag done. The nursery is close to being finished just a shelf project and a few goodies I've yet to find. Freezer madness started in January after getting 3 freezer cookbooks for Christmas! When all is said and done I'd love to makes list of everything I've put away for meals. I have one more day planned to stock up then gonna rest!

I also got rid of ALL of my girl clothes 0-2t. I traded with a friend who is expecting her first girl for baby boy clothes. Whatever was left I tagged & hung close to 100items for the spring consignment sale! Right now my goal is to make it to shop for my kids on the 10th then he is free to come after! Haha. I so wish I was joking! I feel like the more excited I get about shopping I will jinx myself and have a baby instead! ha

So far....

I have gained 20 lbs. Cravings include cereal before bed, baking, anything bread, and apples.

Abram seems to measure a little small but both girls did also. It must be how I carry my kiddos.

Contractions daily, but irregular. Only once was I able to time any consistently. Though loads of pressure!

Monday I was 1 cm dilated & 75% effaced.

My back is back! Ha It's much better but I am being really careful, ice every once in awhile, and have tried to limit picking up the girls.

We are keeping busy! My dance season is in full swing. We are traveling a lot. This weekend will be my last until Abram gets here. I have a friend finishing up our practices before our regionals. I am super proud of my girls. We have consistantly improved our scores and brought home 1st place last weekend. I pray that I get to go to regionals but, I know it may not be in the cards for me! I already have people calling me about my studio class and it stresses me out! The plan has always been to do a class right after babe is born (and Im released from md) for the recital--but right now its the last thing on my mind.


Tera said...

I don't blame you...I would totally want to make it to the sale first too! :) Enjoy these last weeks of feeling him wiggle in your belly.

Erica said...

Your baby belly is so stinking cute. Your gonna have to teach me to do this freezer meal thing and how you are always so organized. I love the name Abram and can't wait to see a little boy in the owens family pics :)

Beth said...

Exciting times! Thanks for sharing! I hope to see you at the consignment sale! Theo doesn't have any shoes right now :-)

Chelsa said...

You look great!
All that "extra stuff" would be the last thing on my mind too! Enjoy these last week(s)! Can't wait to meet baby Abrahm!