Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Here I am...

37 weeks today. I'd love to prove it to you with a picture but technology hates me.

It started a few months ago when I dropped my phone in the bath tub. Then dropped my laptop "just right" and lost practically 3 yrs of memories. Thankfully, I got a new phone & was able to recover some hard drive (not sure what it includes yet).

But now it's my camera. If u have noticed lately I haven't posted a lot of pics since before Christmas. My camera hasn't shuttered like it used to and has progressively gotten to the point where it rarely takes a pic when I want it to. Very sad. I love pics, love taking them, loved my camera. Of course, we have talked of upgrading for a long time. Just wanted it to be our choice!

Bought a new battery... Debating having it cleaned.... I don't know. What I do know is I'm sad!

Back to life...

Lil man has gotten a bit cozy. Which is good but making me crazy wondering if he will be like his sisters and arrive early?! By crazy I mean think about it every second of every day.

Since my last post I gained 2 lbs then lost 3. Had some timbale periods of contractions. And was 3cm & 80%on Monday.

Leah got sick the week before and was pitifully sweet. Reminded how much I love to snuggle with my baby girl! She is really growing and maturing a lot as she approaches her third birthday.

Ayla is really liking school. She is talking a lot about kindergarten, which has spurred talks on whether we I'll send her or put her in a different Pre-k program next year. We just want our kids to be confident all through school& life. It's tough. I don't like asking big decisions.

Now we wait for our next life adventure to take place. Hopefully we will be able to capture it. But we will be loving it!


Chelsa said...

so much fun stuff going on at your house!!!

Tera said...

Love the update. Exciting to think Abram will be here soon!! So sorry for the technology probs. :(

Deciding when to send kids to school is stressful. I'm thankful for my Autumn babies so I don't have to worry about it! I've always thought I would rather my kids be older than younger but it's hard when you know they are ready. Maybe consider who would be in her class depending on if you send her or hold her?