Monday, April 26, 2010

Wishful Thoughts

Wishing the weather was not so down and dreary. So we could do more of this...
We sure have some good helpers on our hands. Its nice to see Miss Ayla get involved with us around the house. She especially likes to do stuff outside. She has her own tools, gloves, etc.

But she truly is our princess. She loves to dress up, doesn't like her hands dirty or her clothes wet, requests a bow in her hair daily, and has sat still to have her nails done since she was a wee one.

Tomorrow our lil big girl will get her minor surgery done. We aren't nervous a bit. That says alot if anyone knows me! Ha. I am a worry wort. I just don't want her to be scared and to be pain free. Not too much to ask for?

So, if you're not too busy tomorrow think of us early am. I ask you to pray for the doctor, Ayla to be not be scared, and a safe travels to and from. I am confident all will go well and hopefully she'll be bouncing around by the end of the day.

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Leah Robinson said...

Praying sugery goes well =)

Jessie said...

So glad everything went well!!

Jennifer said...

Based on Jessie's comment, I am assuming it went good?! We were thinking about you...I didn't know it was today, but I knew this week sometime...little ones sure are resilient, aren't they? I totally may have misspelled that...don't hate me.