Monday, April 26, 2010

Go Speed Racer...

Ayla was 13 mo old before she walked. Leah on the other hand has hit physical milestones earlier and with grace. So it was not too surprising when she started walking right after her birthday. This is the baby who rolled over at less than 2 mo old. Really.

We've progressed from walking to running. She is fast and funny. Still very much like frankenstein, but that's not stopping her. She's quite proud, I think. And we are too. Ayla goes up to her friends and says, "Look she can walk like you".

But this newfound skill is keeping Mama on her toes. She will tackle Ayla or grip her for support. Poor Ayla is gathering some scratches. She is way to passive to even protect herself. Leah is curious so I am constantly opening my tupperware or baking cabinets to keep her away from the stove. At 13 mo I remember distinctly being able to tell Ayla "HOT" and "back" and she'd listen and stop. Not quite convinced Leah will react the same way.

She's been hearing the word "No" alot lately. That is evidenced by her continued repeating of the phrase "No no no" while wagging her finger. This may be cute for some. Not so much for me. She doesn't respond much to me telling her no. I (sorry) raised my voice and said "NO LEAH" to see how she'd react..... she laughed.

My little stinker... oh how I love you.


Chelsa said...

oh leah! she has such a big personality! i see A LOT of you in her (and that's a good thing!). :) love the picture of her walking from behind.

hope ay's surgery went well!

Jennifer said...

Uh-oh. Sounds just like my boys at that age.