Sunday, April 25, 2010

Its gone. I sit here late on Sunday night squinting to remember what I did yesterday. Ah-yes Britt, Jess and I took a very interesting trip to Jasper Saturday way-to-early am. On the hunt for good deals, instead we found ourselves getting scolded by old men, near death experiences in the car, and a bust consignment sale. We hosted small group this evening so I am tired and my house is cluttered, smelling of food. I should really get on that, but luckily this rain gives me an excuse to stay in and wear my sweatpants... I mean clean in high heels and pearls. :)

Another wild week is ahead. Im getting fairly used to it. And looking forward to the weeks ahead. We're planning another birthday party, Ayla's myringotomy(tubes), dance open gym & try outs, gearing up for some more fun stuff for the weeks ahead.

Allergy season is in full gear at our house. Tired, watery eyes sometimes with green boogs. Runny noses. Hacky coughs. Always awesome this time of year. I do hope that once the tubes are in a bit of the discomfort that comes with this junk will be past us.

I am not nervous about the surgery. I know she is in good hands and it is a very common procedure. I am, however, nervous about explaining to Ayla what & why things will take place on Tuesday. Also, those who know my Ayla know she is very shy, cautious, and a bit anxious. Poor girl. We have to laugh sometimes because she'll shutter when scared of something as simple as going down Britt's stairs. Seriously. Its sweetly pittiful. So I am saddened by the thought of her being scared as they wheel her away. Thankfully, both those things we will survive doing.

Miss Leah is crazier than usual. She is walking 80-90% of the time. And loving it. She's finding her voice and now I think feels a bit too cool. She can holler and walk around just like one of us. I seem to take for granted the simple things that are so amazing. Like being able to walk and dance.

I promise to get an update on pics soon. I promised a video so hopefully I can get on that as well? Who knows.


Chelsa said...

UGH! We have green boogers and hacky coughs too! BOO! i am so ready for these dumb allergies to GO AWAY!

Brittany said...

Tommorow will go well. She will be in and out before you can even grab a coffee from the cafeteria next door. That really happened to us! She will be running around like nothing happened tommorow afternoon. We did give Mere some Tylenol right after we got in the car to go home. She will do great!

Carissa said...

I've been praying for the situation with Ayla....Patrick is being very loud like Leah.....I prefer to clean in heels and diamonds, but whatever works for you!

Erica said...

Prayers for little Ayla and Mommy and Daddy too.

Jessie said...

I'll say a prayer for everyone tomorrow...I'm sure she'll do great!