Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just So You Know...

Just so you know we were gone on vacation to "Mickey's House" aka Disney World. We left Christmas day and arrived home the 30th around 9 pm. We have SO much to share. Picture explosion is sure to happen soon. But, we were lucky to come home to lots of family to love on. So we are spending time with loved ones the rest of this week and hopefully I can squeeze some time on here to share all our fun details.

But until then.... Happy 2010!!!!!

New Year's Resolutions

Like most people I have a few resolutions in mind. I have never really been a person to set unachievable goals for myself once a year only to drop. I like to set small goals for myself and my family often.

This year I will resolve to clipping the pacifer. Sorry Ayla. Sweet girl still loves her paci (at bedtime only). But, its time. Or beyond time? Tomato. Tomatoe.

I resolve to feed myself and my family healthier meals always. We tend to eat pretty well, but I know we can do better. More whole foods. More raw fruits and vegis.

I resolve to count my blessings. More often and everywhere. And I encourage anyone to do the same. We are such a blessed nation. To help hold me accountable I plan on posting once a week for 24 weeks. I will follow the alphabet to count spell out my blessings.

So once a week I will update you on the paci, meals, and everything. Each week expect a Thankful Thursday A-Z. January 7th will be my first post.... in case you didn't guess I'll be starting with the letter A.

Monday, December 28, 2009

New Shoes

The girls got a Christmas present early from my grandma. She lives in Florida so these awesome babies came in the mail the other day. SO cute! Ayla and Parker call her Grandma Spot. Ha.

Anyways, thanks Gma Spot for our new kicks.

(Ayla was napping, so she didn't get in on the action)

We love them and We love you :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Happy Birthday, Jesus.

May the whole world rejoice as we celebrate the birth of Christ.

Merry Christmas to all of my blog buddies and your love ones.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Our home at Christmas time...

Our home at Christmas time means alot of baking so just pretend you can smell cookies as your reading. Let me know if they burn. Kidding. I never burn my cookies.

I took these photos a while back. To tell you the truth, since we're done with our family Christmas Im kinda ready for them to be down. But, not ready to actually do it OR ready to see my house look empty. It always seems as if my house to very empty after the lights, garlands, ribbons and bows are gone. So maybe I'll just keep them up? Who would judge....

Our entryway with a sweet baby Ayla pic and nestled penguins.

Our staircase is one of my fave spots. See the mistletoe? Yeah. I typically forget its there.
Sorry babe!

Our countdown to Christmas. This has been a great tool to help build Ayla's counting skills. We were really good in the beginning. Id hide a small treat inside if we could count to the number. She can count independently to 15 most times, but she doesn't know her colors so its a trade off I guess.
The girl's tree in Ayla's room. I think it turned out cute.
Ay loves it on and Leah loves to lick the ornaments (ew).

Of course our big tree. Id love to get a collection of trees around our house.

Our keepsake ornament tree and my vintage ice skates.

A couple of my fave spots.... nativity scene. Id love to build on it. Stocking with 'hope' & 'joy' figures. I love what my girl's names stand for. It goes with the Christmas season so well. Because as you know the birth of Jesus Christ our Savior was (and IS) a symbol of Hope and Joy for all!

Well, gotta go. My cookies are done. Hope you enjoyed your tour.
Im sure I left some things out, but you'll come back right?
PS. No actually baking was done in this process. More like organizing recycling, cleaning, packing,
making veg soup, children napping YAY, and oh yeah, making this post.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Time is here again

I don't know if you knew this, but Santa makes special requests. He came to our house early just because. :) We don't push the "Santa" thing a whole lot. We definitely want that special time to be apart of our Christmas traditions. But, Ayla is on her way to understanding the real reason we celebrate. And I hope Leah will be just as excited when she hears about Jesus' birth, plays with our nativity set, and sings "Happy Birthday" to Jesus.

Like I said, Santa came to our house on Sunday. We got up and had our first Christmas as a family of 4. It was very special. The girls got a few gifts and we all enjoyed it to the fullest. Things have been kind of hectic and I have allowed it to stress me out way more than I should. It was nice to have a morning to ourselves as a family. Later in the morning we went to my parent's home for brunch and gifts. The girls were spoiled with lots of hugs, kisses, horsey rides, great food, and of course some fun toys.

(I am well aware of my head being chopped off. But, that's how it goes)

Things I want to remember about this Christmas was how talk-a-tive Ayla was about the season. She would ask if "Is Jesus Birday yet?" and if someone asked her what Santa was bringing her she'd say presents and how up both hands with joy. Once we opened gifts she hoarded all her belongings, plus mine and Leah's too. The girls were given a wagon from Santa and this has been a fave place since then. She opened a box of leotards for dance and gymnastics and said "OOOh". She put one on with a new tutu and jumped up and down and sang songs all morning.

As Leah's first Christmas she didn't understand unwrapping, but loved to eat the wrapping paper instead. Her nickname is Vaccum Owens right now bc she is moving around and finding the smallest of articles to put in her mouth. Let's just say Im busy. She smiled and laughed all morning while watching the excitement and we read books and listened to music. What a happy baby she is! She loves riding in the wagon, too. And all the attention from family is more than a cherry on top. It flurried on her first Christmas, but not enough snow to do anything with. Hopefully, soon we'll be making snow baby angels and snow balls.

Hope this season finds you happy, healthy and close to the ones you love.
Here are some highlights from our day....

The girls in thier wagon.

The girls in thier new tutus... So cute!

My hot hubby and me

Parker and the girls posing for a quick pic before presents. You can tell they are pumped!
PS. I totally made the girl's shirts. :)
Ayla looks so big and is hopped up on candy Very early in the morning, but
Hey its Christmas baby...
We have a few more festivities to partake in and then we'll be heading on vacation. OH I am very excited and nervous. Just want this week to slow down and enjoy time with our family. Hope you all can do the same :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Leah Hope: 8 months

Wow. Its hard to believe that we've had Leah here for 8 months. Its been the fastest 8 months of my life. However, it feels like old hat- like she's been with us forever.

Leah is....

Crawling all over the place but her belly isn't consistantly off the ground. Boy does she gets somewhere fast though!

Recently, trying to sit after crawling.

Laughs all the time!

Finished her last time breastfeeding the day she turned 8 months old. Double my goal of 4 months. Go Mommy :) (this was sad day though- mixed emotions)

Eating 2 full, solid meals a day plus snacks. She likes her snacks! Fave foods include feeding herself whole green beans, crackers, and peas. Baby food faves are oatmeal w/ cinnamin & Mama's homemade apple sweet squatatoe (my own recipe)

Waves and says "buh-buh"

Signs for "milk" and says "ba-ba" signs "more" sometimes when feeding herself.

Has become VERY attached to Mama. Whimpering for me. Doesn't want to go to Daddy sometimes bc she wants me. So cute and so hard at the same time!

Still in a size 3 diaper, wearing 6-9 & 9 mo clothes
Starting to play more like a big girl with Ayla. Especially in the tub. So cute how you guys splash around with each other.
Loves to play patty cake and claps alot!
And best of all... Leah is Sleeping through the night WAHOO

We are getting geared up for her first Christmas celebrations and her first Big vacation. Mommy is kinda more excited about the vacation. We're going to see Mickey soon. :) Ayla is quite pumped as she asks me daily if it is Jesus' birthday or if we are going to Mickey's "clubhouse" today. Very cute!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Im so lucky!

Im so lucky to have these girls in my life....

I sure love my dance team. I love to spend time with them, laugh, be goofy and know that they are safe with me. And I am with them. God gives us certain tasks in our lives to challenge, grow, and move us forward. Coaching is that for me. Sometimes a love-hate relationship. But, its girls like this that I know I am doing it for the right reasons.

Sunday we had a small Christmas party ate food, laughed, watched a movie, and discussed our future. Tuesday we will meet again on the floor and start practicing again hopefully for a sucessfull season. Regardless, of the number of trophies we bring home we will still have a great year!!

I plan on posting a home tour of our Christmas decor soon. Want to join me? Also, I think a new way to remembering our blessings to come.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

boo boo

Leah's first boo boo.

It looks more dramatic in real life.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Party in the USA

Last weekend was a busy one for Christmas parties and the Owens family. We started it off with our annual playgroup Christmas party. This time no babies and throw in the spouses. Go figure I forgot my camera and believe it or not with all those bloggin' mommies... no one had thier camera. Oh well. Good times were had by all. We definitely pack the Bean's new home. Had great food. And played some fun games.

Saturday, we left our babies again to head to French Lick for the Boyd and Sons Christmas party. It is so very beautiful there this time of year. We stopped by the dome and listened to violinist while checking out the biggest tree Ever. We took my dad up to the new PGA course to check it out. Jeff and I have gone up there multiple times but it is gated and never truely seen the sites. Well, we were in luck to catch the gate open. As you can see from the pics, it is beautiful. The course is placed up on top of the tallest hill. It seems as if you can see on forever. After that we hopped over to the hotel for some appetizers, hung out, and waited for the party

I take a pic of us in front of this tree every year. Last year I had a bun in the oven. Wish I could find that pic to compare! I just love how huge the trees are. I wish I had ceilings that tall... or taller at least :)

Hope everyone is gearing up for parties and more. Tis the season they say....

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Season in full swing!

Our family is in full swing Christmas mode. The cards are on their way to the mail, the trees, lights and wreaths are hung (mostly), the parties are starting, and the food has been bountiful! But, if Im being honest, Im kinda not that into it. Sigh.

I said it.

I know Im not the only one out there who feels this way. This year has come and gone so quickly. When I sit and think about it... its kinda frightning! I have been pregnant, had a baby, that baby is now 7 1/2 months old and crawling, had a 2nd bday party, potty trained a toddler, gone on one close-to-home vacation, 2 ER visits, started working again (just a little), another dance season started, and now its December and Im supposed to be ready for all that comes....


I do so much love this holiday. But I wish I could slow down to celebrate the real reason for the season. I want to sit down and talk to my girls about Jesus' birth. How lucky were are that we have a home and a place to stay warm. While Jesus was born in a stable. Tell them how we give gifts to people to show them the love that came with the birth of Christ.

I will find that time. But for now Im just gonna try to take a big deep breath and cherish the moments I can.

Yesterday we started a new small group. I am so excited to be back into a group of fun, young Christians. Our small group had been such a big part of my growth as a young adult. I will miss them, but this new clan will surely be just as important at this time in our lives.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Some may say my methods of bribery are unorthodox...

Well, some pictures are worth sacrifices.


To tell you the truth no cookies were harmed eaten during our photoshoot. Even Ayla is just salivating all over hers. Ha. If we are being really honest here... I ate one of the soggy cookies after snapping my shots. Thankfully, Christmas cards are now printed, stamped, and ready for shipment.

I hope everyone is enjoying the preparation for the Christmas holiday. I love Christmas time and I love seeing my girls excitement.
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Thursday, December 3, 2009

On the Move...

My little baby is on the move! I have watched every day this weekend my lil Leah inch closer and closer to crawling. It really is any day now. I am so proud of her!

Not only is she moving on the ground, but in the crib. ha I had to take out her sleep positioner and probably the bumpers are soon to go. Rolling around in bed is not only the new new in Leah's crib.

We have started sleep training again. This time Sleep 2.0 is going much better! She puts herself down well after cuddling and rocking. Some night waking last night, but not too much. Next step- weaning off feeding. She went from nursing 2x a night to once at night. :) Soon my dears.... I shall sleep. I hope. Well, at least that is the plan.

Update: Since I drafted this last weekend Leah is an inchworm. Cutest inchworm ever. :)