Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's her party...

Ayla got alot of her looks from her Daddy. But she got alot of her personality from her Mama.
Ayla is our anxious, sweet, and tender-hearted child. I love that about her.
These were taken at dance last week.
Id like to say that I will stop bringing my camera with me every week. But, I just can't make that commitment right now.
Im "that Mom".

Figured I should get Leah in the shot bc when we get to see what Ayla did at class she storms the floor. She likes to "participate" and I am fairly confident she could prob do the class if appropriate. ha Miss Ay got the best listener crown this week at dance. She was So proud (as was I). Miss Brittany gives the crown to a dancer to listened the best the week before.

Unfortunately, when Mommy asked her to stand on her 'x' for Miss Brittany she was bothered. She looked around and said "She's not on the 'x' Mom. I don't want to.... (insert tears)" It was cute and not-so-cute at the same time. Guess I need to ensure nap is taken on dance day. Regardless, she's a good girl.
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Friday, September 17, 2010

Playgroup & Dance Class

I love our playgroup. We've been going for a couple years now and I couldn't imagine our weeks without them. Such a large, incredible group of Christian women chatting, eating, laughing and helping each other through parental craziness/awesomeness.

This past Wed Leah turned 17 mo old, got shots, and it was pg day. Thankfully, no yucky fevers as we've always had in the past. Just a great day with friends and a long nap. Phew.

Leah trying to get in a pic of the big girls. She thinks she is 3 too. ha

Ava & Ayla on the seasaw. They play well together

Our new tradition for Thursday is Ay's dance class. Oh man, does she love it! Its only the second week, but she asks at the beginning of each week if its Thurs yet. :) I hope she continues to love dance like her Mama does. But, if not, she is at least enjoying it now. This week was learning 2nd position and borre turns. So cute!

This is a pic of the girls running around. I am not quite sure if they are supposed to be running around. Most of the kids were doing it? I peeked in the window and this is what I caught.

Leah Hope:17 months

Leah turned 17 months old on wed.

Weird. 17 months. Sometimes it just seems like I just had her. This year has definitely gone by faster than any in my lifetime. I hope I am savouring each moment for what it is. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Time is flying and soon we'll be planning for another baby. It all just seems so fast! Next month will be my last monthly post on her development. I can't believe she is almost 1 1/2 yrs old.

Speaking of which, boy, is this girl sassy! I describe her personality to most people who don't know her as "big". She loves big, cries big, big attitude.... when she's mad- she's MAD and will shake and turn red. Its ugly. But usually is fleeting. I try to ignore it bc she gets past it quickly. She is quick to say "sorry" after a time out but tries to test us by watching our reaction after repeating the same offense that put her tush in time out in the first place. She will kiss & kiss & kiss. Such a lover. Mainly to her Mommy, which I eat up.

Leah is watching our every movement nowadays. Especially Ayla's. She wants to be just like her big sis. Thankfully, Ayla is a pretty good girl! Though Ayla probably feels tortured most of the time, I let Leah follow her around and pretend to be a "big girl" too. Isn't this what having an older sibling is about?

Leah is still wearing size 4 diapers, 18-24 month clothes- some 2T. Has fat feet and growing- wearing 6-7 size shoes.
Appetite is not has grand as past months. She doesn't seem to be picky, just eating less. I have been trying to cut back on snacks to try to remedy that. Her faves still remain most fruits esp grapes or blueberries. Drinking only soy milk, water, and sometimes diluted juice.

Has a fantastic vocabulary and words are becoming more clear.

Learning to do a somersault. Learning to jump with both feet.

Cheers "Go Hatchets, Go!" Using our pom-poms.

Plays well on own. Mostly like real stuff more than toys.

Sings "Twinkle, Twinkle" by repeating "Tinkle, Tinkle.... sky..." over and over. Also sings "Single Ladies"- Hil.ar.ious! (will try to upload vid) Trying to learn "Jesus loves Me" and points to herself on the chorus.

Monday, September 13, 2010


This weekend was Jeff's first race. A 10-k to prep him for the mini marathon he's been training for since May. Look he's going so fast he's a blur! haha (the last one in white in the pic)

My amazing mama also ran. They both did incredible! There were over 800 participants.

Jeff got 24th place overall!!
You heard me correctly. My husband is a stud.

Congrats to Jane (my mom's bestie), Jeff, and my Mom.

They all did incredibly well!

Ayla Ballerina

Ayla had her first dance class last Thursday. I hate that I am just getting around to posting about it. But the back half of the week was a blur. Its been so busy. But good. She woke up from her nap excited and hope its always like that.

She loved the class. She has lots of familiar faces and buddies in there. Which made it easier for her to not be timid. We are also very thankful that Miss Brittany is her teacher. That made Mommy feel better.

The class flew by and I didn't get a whole lot of time to think about being misty eyed or snap any interesting photos because I was taking class money. She did great though. Leah thought it was the coolest! She snuck in a couple times and watched and tried to join in. It was quite cute.

They did some running and jumping on the mats. Ayla and Lanie told me they did frog jumps. Not sure if that's true. ha Id have to ask Britt. Regardless, they thought it was cool!

The class doing plie'. I got a cute video when we got home of Ayla showing me what she learned that night. Plie and first position. I love this pic bc she looks like she is doing a courtsy (sp?). She was holding her skirt out. ha
This is the best I could get of the 3 amigos! It was the end of class and too much was going on! ha I can't wait to see Luke's pics. He took some great ones that Im excited to get my hands on!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Yard Sale Saturday!!!

Im joining in a yard sale tomorrow just around the corner from my house.

Lots of good finds!

Boy & Girls infant-toddler sizes

Women's clothes

Housewares, purses, Holiday decor

and so much more.

I know the weather is icky, but who wants to sit on the couch.

Come on over.

Ridge Road off of Glennwood

PS. I won't be there. Say hi to Britt for me.
I will be cheering my hubs and mom on while they run in a race in Eville...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Daddy's Birthday, Traditions, & Such

Traditions are big. I want to be "that mom". You know the one who plans little things for big reasons. I want my kiddos to know they are special. My mom had one tradition...

This cake. This birthday cake.

It's a carmel soaked, double layer chocolate cake, with mousse filling & butterfinger crunchies. Wow. It's amazing. Thanks Mom.

And my husband requested it for his birthday. Because he's into traditions too. (and its delish) Ask and you shall recieve. So I whipped this bad boy up.

We had an awesome time celebrating Daddy's birthday. He's getting old, you know. :)

Happy Birthday, Jeff!
I hope you had an amazing day.
You are so very special to us.
I am so blessed to have YOU as my husband.
PS. So glad we have leftover cake.
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Feeling Fall

I am feeling SO very fall lately. Even though the sun is burning bright, there is a crispness to the air. Fall is, by far, my favorite season. I breathe easier. So, even though it was 88 degrees we stopped by the pumpkin patch.
The girls Loved it! Since its early in the season there wasn't the plethora of pumpkins that will come to be in the next few weeks. But, that was ok. We walked around. Talked about the colors and sizes and picked up some goodies to put in the yard.
I just hope they don't fry. The pumpkins, not the kids. I'll keep them safe.

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

All My Single Ladies...

Cute blog title, but not a cute life. I give it up to all you single moms out there. I have NO idea what you go through every day just to have fun with your kiddos. Me and my crew have been riding solo now for just barely over 24 hrs and I am wiped.

To be honest, I just got off the phone with Jeff a couple hours ago begging him to come home early! ha I am such a baby. It doesn't seem like any of us chicks got out of bed on the right side today. With lots of whining, plenty "talks" with Mama on how to behave, and little to no naps, I was running on fumes coming time for bed.

We did get to stop by our pals house tonight for a few minutes. There were so many fun families there which only made me miss my partner-in-crime so much more! I didn't get to talk much because I was too busy making sure no girl was hurt, running into the fire, or attacking another child. Big shout-out goes to L.Lynch who caught Ayla in mid-air when she jumped out of her skin at the sound of the flame thrower Dusty was using to start a fire! No joke. I thought you started a fire with a lighter and a newspaper.... not Dusty. That's why we love him. Jeff was sad he missed it!

So here's to tomorrow and hopefully a slightly less eventful day. Cross your fingers for supermom to be able to pull off getting all us chicks ready for church on time, get the kids to their classes, and then out to lunch with fam. Monday is not coming soon enough! Hope your having a great time daddy!

PS> Looks like that Zumba class paid off for you Lindsay

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just Because

Today we are just hanging out. Maybe waiting for the cool down. Im so excited for the rain to sweep in and refresh my landscape that I have neglected since July.

Temps are supposed to be delish this weekend too. Though I won't be enjoying them with my hubs. Nope. He is going on a 'manly' man trip this weekend with his dad and bros. But we will get to hang with Ridge and Gina. Eat good food. And take trips to the park. So it won't be too lonely.

Today we are hanging out. A man is working on our water heaters so we don't have to take cold showers anymore. Speaking of showers. The girls bathroom is near complete. Only baseboards and maybe a couple other small things left. So I guess I'll share it with you. Mainly because I think I'll forget by the time those things are done.
View of sink, chandelier, and accessories.

A view from door.

The other day I finished these beauties for Ay's bedroom. They are obviously not hung yet and the lighting is awful. But, Im proud. I bought the canvas for buy one get one so 12 total and ordered the vinyls from etsy. But, Im sure some ladies who have a vinyl cutter or cricut could make something similar or even better.

We are just hanging out today. Because I feel like eating everything in sight. Darn PMS. Am I the only one who feels normal like one week a month and the rest is a rollercoaster. Don't answer that.... Id rather "think" Im normal.

Have a good rest of the week...