Thursday, April 30, 2009

Smarty pants

Today the rain gave us a chance to hang out and play. Sometimes it is nice to just 'be'. :)
My lil Ayla is so smart. I always said I would do my best to make as much mommy time for Ayla alone that I could once Leah got here. I admit, it has been a challenge. Thankfully, Leah is a fantastic baby. She still sleeps alot during the day. I realized it had been awhile since I just sat for an extended period of time to play with Ayla and not have Leah in my arms.

This afternoon we did just that. We postponed nap time and got out the blocks. She is just now into building and crashing. Crashing mostly. But, as I sat watching my big girl play, I began to listen closely to her sweet speak. She was naming all the characters on the blocks. When she was younger we would talk about all the characters/shapes on them. Its amazing to see all that has soaked in and her love learning. Afterwards, I counted the blocks she had recognized and there were over 40 different shapes, animals, characters that she knew!

What a smarty pants....

my faves she says was zipper, zebra, rocket, & brella (for umbrella).

This is what sissy did the whole time....

I hope you all can find time today to just play with your smarty pants....

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away....

We are enjoying the quick break from the rain today. Yesterday's weather made us all want to lay around! Today was playgroup. Us mommies look forward to this every week. Im pretty sure we should start calling it Mom Therapy, bc the play part is only half the fun.

We met at the park for the first time since last fall. It was much different than last year. All the babes are 5 mo older and much more mobile. Ayla was one of the only ones walking last year. Now Leah & Ella are the only ones left out (see above her sunbathing), Camden is crawling and will be on his feet soon Im sure! Needless to say it was a little hairy, toddlers everywhere. Leah nursing, children attempting to climb ladders for the first time, rocks in mouths, etc. We all agreed it was successful, yet stressful. Hopefully, the Merold's fence will keep them carrolled next week!

Once things calmed a bit I was about to document Leah's first time out at the park, second time at playgroup, first stroller ride. Big sis was a little disturbed why Leah was in her stroller, eek. We did get our double stroller on Sunday, but have yet to get it out of the box. I can't wait to use the beast. Believe me, its a beast!
It is very hard to capture a good pic of big/lil sis- someone is always moving, talking, or wanting to be fed! ha But I thought it was cute. Ayla wanted to show her off. The the older girls wanted to see & touch the baby!
Back at the homestead we are supposed to be continuing construction today with a crew working on plumbing in back (they haven't shown up yet!!!). This weekend starts our much needed landscaping and carpet goes down in the basement on Monday- barring any unforseen issue with the plumbing. Then driveway will be next on the list. Very excited to finally get a couple more projects done around here.

Ayla's big girl 2nd bday bash is being planned. Butterflies are our theme. :) I have most things planned out, invites should be here on Fri or Monday, some decor bought, & menu planned. We pushed her party back a week so we can get some things completed. Here is my big girl with her bestest, Meredith. :) They are just now learning to hug without body slamming each other! Mere learned how to say Ayla this week. It is SO sweet to hear her yelling "I-ya" now...

Monday, April 27, 2009

more for today...

Today was Leah's first MD apt. We love our ped, Dr. L. I worked with him alot at DCH and he is very thorough and professional. However, Leah did not like her first apt at his office. Eekk... she wailed. Maybe its the cold room they make you wait in while you're baby is stripped down, but woah. Ayla is just now ok with him. Ha.

Regardless, our lil girl is doing well. Leah now weighs 7'8 and her cord stump has fallen off. She has longer awake periods, but continues to sleep a good portion of the day. We finished her newborn pics this evening after our apt. Again, Bean's never disappoint. If you're curious, head back on over to their page (link lower right of my page). She put me up a peek and I cant wait to actually dive in and see of them!

Busy weekend!

Wowwie.... that weekend was crazy busy. Don't get me wrong, I love summer and the busyness that comes along with it. BUT while still in adjustment/healing period. It was alot. It was also fantastic. hehe

Let me start off by saying, I love naptime. Its good. Since laying Ayla down 1 1/2 hrs ago I have took a shower, vaccumed most of the house, switched over the laundry, uploaded pics, ate strawberries, and now I sit here and post. ahhhhh how sweet it is! :) Believe me, I know most days will not and have not been like this. Today is an exciting day. Today is Leah's first MD apt. I am really excited to see how she's grown!

Back to this past weekend's festivities....

Jeff's brother Brent was in town. We don't get to see Brent, Gina, and our nephew Ridge but every other month for a couple days. So we really like to spend time with them while they are here. We had soccer games, lots of good food, hilbilly golf, baby kisses, etc. <--- that was just Saturday! Hopefully, I will find my other usb cord to upload more pics!

Sunday was Leah's baby dedication at church. It was very good! Lots of family came to see us make our parental commitment to raising our children to know our Father. After church we went over to lunch at the Gastof. The weather was Amazing! We put the mini horses and donkey, washed our hands and ate lunch. It was kinda fun being back in the nursing mode. It quickly came back to me the make your plate quickly so mommy and baby can eat soon. After naps we went back to say our good byes to the family. Then Leah took her first trip to Eville! Ayla stayed home and played with my parents and had a ball. We were able to get a few things off our list in the short time we were there plus eat some YUMMY sushi! :)
Leah getting ready to leave for church...

Hope everyone enjoyed this Awesome weather. I hear the rain is supposed to rain around for a bit once it starts so we'll be stuck in again. So we took the last chance we had to picnic. Me & the girls had a picnic lunch our in our backyard. Ayla was So excited and Leah loved the warm sunshine. We had a quick visit from daddy, too.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ch ch check it out....

Go ahead now... check out Bean's Photo blog on the lower right side of my page under 'my faves'. Brittany put up a sneak peek today and you can see some of the jewels she pulled out of my new motherhood haze.

Also, the fab-U-lous header she made for me today. Sweet stuff, I just love her. :)

Hope you all are enjoying this fantastic weather! Its amazing. Though my father in law swears we're going to get a boat load of the wet stuff this next week. So soak up the rays and play with your kids. We spent the better part of the day doing just that. Plus, kissing on our nephew since we don't see him very often. Tomorrow is Leah's baby dedication. Hopefully, I will remember the camera bc that somehow slipped my mind with Ayla's. Just looking forward to another great day.....

Friday, April 24, 2009

Mommy Meltdown

Please tell me I am not the only one who has these...

Well, it had been awhile since my last, and I guess I was due?

Today (in theory) was planned full and fun, just like I like it. Being an experienced mommy of 1 I completely thought I could handle it. HA We had Bean's Photography scheduled to come over and do a shoot of both girls- Ayla's 2nd bday pics plus some of Leah's newborn pics. Sheesh. I am so glad I am friends with Brittany because anyone else would have ran for the hills. Ayla did as well as any toddler would do, I guess. Then as the morning progressed she started having fits. Stupid, fits. I am usually very good at redirecting her. I found myself standing there holding a newborn, swaddled from the wind- trying to get Ayla to chill out, and helping Brittany get Ayla to follow commands. Ek.

I began to melt down... we were due to meet Jeff's co-workers for lunch so they could see Leah. Well, after a few more "fits" mommy's meltdown was in phase 2. Not good. I cried, called Jeff, took a deep breath. Not more than 5 mins later Im pretty sure I cried again. Oh man.

Honestly, I felt like the morning was a waste. But, Brittany is SO good she was able to pull off amazing photos to make me feel alot better. Next half of the shoot Jeff will be there so I know things will go much better. Especially when you can have one-one defense :) The more I hear about my silly meltdown, the more Silly it sounds!

I can't wait for you all to see our sneak peek on Bean's Photos. I will try to let you know. But you should just go ahead and add their link from my 'my faves' sidebar to the right. They always seem to capture the right moments (and put up with my hormones!).

PS- Today was Leah's official due date. So very glad we've had these extra 9 days with her. She brings such a joy to our family! Hopefully, I'll get the hang of 2 babies before she realizes how crazy her mommy is....

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Feels Good

Man, it feels good to feel good again!

I am finally starting to feel better. More like myself. Hopefully, that is a good thing. Everything is falling into place well. Ayla continues to be a great big sis and my favorite 1st child :) She has started to show her "weak" side. She breaks down right around the time Daddy gets home and wants to be with him if he is holding Leah. So, unfortuneately, Daddy hasn't gotten much alone time with the new bundle. He is such a great daddy though!!

It also feels good to see how much my little girls are growing!

Leah is a great eater. This is always a fear of mommy's planning on breastfeeding, I think. She is staying fairly consistant on a schedule and if anyone knows me-- I like schedules! It has made parenting great. Sleeping is going fine, work in progress, but I feel good about it.

Ayla is talking up a storm. I mean... really. She is speaking full sentences. I love to hear her respond to me in her quirky ways.... today she started saying "sure mommy" when I would ask if she could help. It cracks me up! Other things that she says to make my heart sing.... "I lod you, mommy"..."I sardy, mommy"...."i tuck in here" ..."ead bib-l (read bible)" (hopefully you all speak toddler) Oh its just precious. We are planning the BIG 2 party. Still need to set a date and the invites made. Its all happening so fast!

Oh, and PS it feels SO good to know we made it through our first week alive.
That's right... Leah is 1 week old already!

PS. Ayla wants to give a big shout out to her buddy Gabe. He will be 2 tomorrow!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

We may be on to something!!

That's right. I said it, out loud even. We may be on to something here....
Last night we did as I said nighttime warm bath, swaddle, nurse, night-night...

Well, I didn't exactly get off that easily! ha But, it was a very much enjoyable night. In fact, I think I may have gotten more sleep than most nights when painfully pregnant! We did do bath, swaddle, nurse, night-night-- but she still wouldn't let me lay her down. Soooo we snuggled (Im good at this) and I did the rest of my cleaning up in the dark with her on my shoulder. Another failed attempt at laying her in the bassinet..... hhhhmmmm....

Out came the carseat (can't for the life of me find my darn bouncer yet) and in went Leah. So, bath, swaddle, nurse, night-night carseat... no go. Seriously.... add in paci, slight rock.... and the fave shooshing...

We're on to something.... that's right SHE FELL ASLEEP. I had to wake her 4 hrs later to nurse, then she went 3 more hours again twice between feedings. So, tomorrow night its warm bath, swaddle, nurse, snuggle, carseat, paci, shooshing..... no joke. In that order, too. :)

I love telling the adventures of motherhood. I am smiling so big as I type, because I am proud of my little girl no doubt. I know she will get the hang of this crazy world soon enough. Until then I will "accomodate" to make both of my girls comfortable as possible. (within reason) Thanks again for your comments. I think they pumped me up for last night and I am looking forward even more to the next to see if she can have another good night. As for the comments of me being somewhat 'superwoman-ish' in my recovery.

Oh no.. so not the case. With Ayla I never once took a pain pill, bopped around the next few days, etc. Naturally, you assume it will be the same. HA The nurses politely told me to just take a darn pill bc "things just don't go back the same second time around" and Dr. F said "things are stretched out" Awesome. I have been pretty wimpy. Trying to do as much as I can bc I don't want Ayla to see Mommy hurt. I have a slight weight restriction so I am not supposed to pick Ayla up (HAHAHAA). Any mommies with multiple babies would laugh at this right. She was crushed every time I told her I couldn't pick her up, and my body would cry every time I gave in and did. So dancing in the kitchen and taking little walks in the yard were my ways of trying to still be the mommy she knew.

Sorry no pics this post. I will hold you in suspense until later. I am still loving laying in my pj's. But wanted to share my awesome night! Have a great day...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

125th Post!! Confessions...

Wahoo.. 125 posts? Wow... I must like to talk alot :)

But really, who didn't know that already?
I must confess... I love my girls SO much. One thing I want to do is make sure the arrival of Leah doesn't overshadow how much we already feel blessed by having Ayla. They are both beautiful, healthy, and special!

My next confession is how Ayla continues to delight me with how fantastic she is at being a big sister. My fave is-- if I tell her I am going to change sissy's diaper... she says "me do" and runs to her bassinet to get diapers & wipes. She hasn't once questions why Leah "eats" (nurses)-- usually she smiles and says "icks" (licks- gross I know- ha) We are trying to be very laid back with her knowing things will happen and we'll have to handle them as they come. But, God is good!

As I am laying things out on the table.. last night Stunk Again. Yep. But, I am cool with it. I am definitely a mom on a mission to figure her out. Its funny how we just assume our newborns should just know what is expected. She doesn't have her days & nights mixed up because she doesn't know what days & nights are! Leah is 4 days old and I have to keep that in mind as we learn together what she needs.... Thank you to everyone for your uplifting comments, stories, and suggestions. We have tried alot of things, including the shooshing/swaying combo you all seem to use a whole lot of! ha Tonight we're going to try bath & baby massage before nursing... wish us luck!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

First time Parents...Second time around!

Man it feels good to be home again. To (not) sleep in my own bed, to dance with Ayla in the kitchen, and take walks in the yard! I still can't believe Leah is here with us. Ayla continues to surprise me with how wonderful she is doing with her sissy being here.


Last night was wild! Seriously, lack of sleep is an understatement! ha But, pregnancy hormones are amazing in that I am in an adrenaline rush. I know this will wear off soon, so I will take it while I can. I feel like a first time mom all over again. We just couldn't figure out what to do to make her stop crying --unless she was nursing.... boo.

That content baby I posted of yesterday, well, is slowly adjusting to life outside the womb. She is not as content as I had thought before. :) But that is ok, she soon will see what a fantastic family she has and perk up! She had alot of awake moments today.. We are enjoying every moment when her big eyes open, Ayla taking care of her sissy, and the sweet sleeping moments.

She is officially 3 days old... cuter than ever!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Well Worth the Wait!

Thanks to Brittney for posting her arrival. Bless it. I had my computer all packed up and in my room at the hospital... ready to post with you guys right along our way. BUT we couldn't get our internet card, so mama was stuck LOVIN on this sweet little girl.

It was awful.

Awfully wonderful, that is...

We arrived at the hospital in good spirits ready to have our girl Wed afternoon. Dr. F broke my water at 1 o'clock, I was still 5 cm. I got an epidural :) at 7cm and in 20 minutes it was time to push.... WHAT? Yes, it was very fast, very smooth, very much worth it.

Leah Hope Owens
arrived Wednesday April 15, 2009
3:50 PM
7 lbs 13 oz 21 in

Leah is very content. Sleeps great. Eats even better, as long as I can get her awake! Sweetest little face ever. Surprisingly, doesn't look much like her big sis. Ayla is is awe of her. So far, no jealousy (cross my fingers). Very helpful. She acts as if she has always been here.

Thanks so much for everyone's comments and prayers. Now that she is here I hope you don't get sick of seeing baby pics... because the next stage of our journey has began!


Welcome baby girl
4-15-2009, 7lbs 13oz, 21'
Courtney's internet connection is down but will be posting pictures soon!!! Look for them hopefully later today!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

She's coming today!!!

We're heading off to the hospital asap and Dr. F is going to break my water around 1 o'clock! :) YAY for baby Leah!
Some BIG decisions being made today!! Stay tuned.....

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Festitivies

Though we did not have a baby on Easter, I was given the gift of time with my family. We had a really great weekend. Jeff works most Saturday mornings, so the extra time with him was really nice. But, honestly, most of it was spent doing "man stuff". We have a list of never-ending projects here at the house. Especially since its spring and starting to give us some warmth & daylight. But that is a whole entire post on it own for later.....

So, like I said, we had a great (somewhat lowkey) Easter with both our families. It was really nice. Ayla is getting harder and harder to take pics of! I didn't get a whole lot of great ones. We missed opportunities to do family shots both days, which I spoke my opinion on. ha Oh well. I know what we look like. ha

I hope everyone had a great weekend with their families too....

I didn't get a good one of Ay in her dress. It was soooooo very, very cute! :) My brain has been kinda fried. But maybe we'll play dress-up during these rainy days?
These are the twins we all prayed for around Christmas. Now they are all happy and healthy!
Easter egg hunt at my gma's. My cousin Lauren's face says it all!! HA
I think she'll be a great big sis!

Oh the big sis note... I felt fairly crudy all weekend. Which kept most of my family on its toes guessing the day and weight, cracking jokes of laying trashbags on the couches, and doting on my big belly. (Believe me its big) Though my body is telling me one thing- Leah is still comfy. As I have said time and time again- God already knows her birthday, I am just trying to be patient.

Friday, April 10, 2009

What's next....

... I wish I knew :) But, we're continuing our progress toward meeting our little Leah.

Today, since Dr. F is out of town, I had the pleasure of seeing T, the bestest NP ever. :) I was nervous going in because every day that goes by Im feeling more and more uncomfortable. I don't know the whole background on T, but I do know she is super woman and carried both her babies overdue (or close to it).

The apt went great. I was almost 5 cm, so she stretched me the rest of the way and stripped my membranes!! We're hoping this will help encourage the rest of the labor to start on its own. C'moooonnnn baby!

Otherwise, if she doesn't decide to come, we have plenty of family activities planned for Easter. I love Easter!! It is probably one of my favorite holidays. Celebrating the Risen Lord... everyone is calm, joyful, and thankful. (at least they should be we wouldn't be here if not! ha)

Sorry no pictures this post... hopefully the next pics I post are of our sweet lil ladybug. Until then Have a Wonderful Easter! God Bless!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Where are you Spring?

I love spring. Where did you go?
Yesterday we were just playing in the yard and now it just finished snowing. Weird.

I don't have much to say... same story, different day. Im still nuts wondering when my Leah will make her debut. Four weeks ago, she started her journey toward coming home to us. I mean its been 4 weeks of wondering if today is the day. I almost feel like I have been the butt of a joke!

So I guess I am anxiously awaiting 2 things.... the arrival of our Leah and return of Spring!!

I will wait. And feel blessed by both.

ps... We did not get a dog... this is a friend's and fellow blogger's dog that roamed over and hung out with Ay. I wanted to keep em!! I was told her name was "Daisy Duke" but not sure if that is true... she seemed too plump to fit into a pair! And please keep praying for the Lengacher's. They are wonderful people in a tough situation...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Awesome Giveaway!

Design Mom is having a great giveaway for those of you who have kids, or those of you who go to lots of baby showers {you'll be set for many!} It's a $300 shopping spree at Peek, Aren't You Curious! Click here for details on entering.

Where's the baby?

I have been asked this question alot lately....

That's right, folks. She is still in the belly! ha Obviously, not in her belly (that would be creepy). Who would have thought. Four weeks ago she was anxiously trying to make her arrival. Since then many have prayed over this sweet one. PTL. And now I can say I will have a full term baby. That is... when she decides to come.

Its been 4 weeks of wondering... wondering if my water will break at Wal-Mart clean up on aisle 3, wondering if she will be healthy, wondering if "today is the day", wondering if she is staying in there because she realizes Im crazy. You know, normal thoughts. :)

We had another apt with Dr. F today. Happily I can say things are continuing to progress. I am now 4 cm and 85% effaced. I have been "instructed" to go ahead in to L&D if my contractions become somewhat regular. How fuN! Now my main hope is she will come before Dr. F goes off call. Eeek. Oh well. Only time will tell.
We had a great anniversary! :) We went to eat a quick dinner at Bobes. That one hour away seemed fantastically long. When we picked Ayla up from my parents she was red cheeked and sad. My lil (big) girl is getting her 2yr molars in.

I was worried yesterday when she was fussy, not like herself. Then she started saying "cheek cheek" and it hit me I realized she was telling me her jaw hurt. But, we've not covered bones in our daily lessons yet. haha Once we got home, stripped down, and ibuprophened up- she fell asleep in my arms. Very pittifully, I might add. But really I loved it. I love cuddling my baby and can't wait to cuddle the next.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Anniversary Jeff!

I can not believe it has been 4 years!! Wow! :) 4 wonderful years.... Jeff and I dated for a long time prior. Our relationship was wonderful. We started as friends and to this day he is still my best friend.

He was a senior when I was a freshman in high school. We were friends... I dated his best friend. ha Whatever "dating" is? After a year in college we chatted over the fireworks on the 4th of July. We looked up and everyone was gone from the field we were watching them from. He made me nervous. He asked for my number. When we started "dating" I was a sophmore in high school, while he was away to college 5 hours away in Angola, IN. I think our relationship was so strong bc we were forced to get to know each other over the many phone calls, letters, videos, and emails. Jeff ran track. He was good too. He was an All American pole vaulter many years in a row. Needless to say he wasn't home much so we cherished all the time we had together.

I need to do more of that nowadays. We get lost in our busy-ness of life and forget to cherish the little moments you have together!
Our relationship had its ups and downs. We helped each other through alot of growing periods. Ultimately, we realized this was it. He has always been my one and only :)
Engaged June 25, 2004... Married April 2, 2005.... fast forward and Ayla was born May 8, 2007 & Leah is soon to arrive. I feel more in love with him every time I see him with her. He is such a great daddy, wonderful husband, and strong Christian man. I could not have asked for anyone, or anything better!
Our life revolves alot around our little family... Here he is with Ayla 1mo.
Already a perfect daddy!

Daddy & Ay @ 12mo. This was his first trip taking her to his family's land and was very proud.

Jeff doesn't mind the pink shoes, tutus, and tiny giggles. I love that he embraces everything this family encounters. I trust him more than anyone on this earth.

I love you very much Jeff and look forward to the next 40+ many more years.....