Monday, December 31, 2012

Abram: 9 months

Abram at 9 months

weighs 17 lb 5 oz  27 in long

wearing size 6-12 mo size 3 diaper size 3 shoe

nurses well every 3-4 hrs, trying to give him new solids but he really doesn't love alot of foods
currently doesn't want anyone to feed him-independence early?
winter time fun starting
starting to become SUPER active!
crawling (lightning speed) and cruising now

Abram helped set up his own Christmas tree in his room.  He was even a really good boy and left it alone.

First ear infection
Such a trooper. 
Still a social boy but starting to show a bashful side.  He likes to hide his face and smile when others are talking to him.  Mama is by far his fave person ever.  Though dad is a close second.

jabbering alot.
says "ma" "mama" "da" "hi" "bye"

loves to play patty cake, peek a boo, and give high fives.
doesn't sit still for long
likes music, my tupperware cabinet, cars, and snacks

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Another Christmas has come and gone....  this year was particularly special.  It was Abram's first and the girls were especially in the spirit.  It made for a great, great time.

We have a couple traditions that I hope we can continue with until our kids are grown and leave the house.  We bake a cake together and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus on Christmas Eve.
We wake the kiddos up with a video camera in their face and ask their fresh faces questions.
We take a picture of the kids in front of tree in jammies before the chaos ensues.
We take a self timer picture of the whole family after the chaos.

I felt overwhelming blessed.  
Not with the amount of gifts, but with love.
My kids are all at such fun ages.  I can tell they are soaking in so much now and I need to be prepared to be more of what I know they need for their future.  
Sometimes I can't even fathom that God has chosen me to raise these guys.  

Merry Christmas 2012

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Abram: 8 months

Abram at 8 months:

wearing 6-12 mo clothes, size 3 diaper, size 3 shoes

his first halloween

started pulling up on things, so mobile

eating well solids and trying lots of new foods.  he seems to not enjoy certain textures and is particular on what he eats (differs from day to day)  most days oatmeal & cinnamon is a favorite

learning to use a cup
nursing every 3-4 hrs
will sign "milk" and "more" but inconsistantly

went to see disney live

abram seems to really love music!  he claps right along.  
now giving high fives, too!

he's definitely our relaxed, sweet, smiley baby :)

my first thanksgiving

starting to play well.
likes to play with toys and exploring his surroundings
no favorite toys right now

Monday, November 12, 2012

Abram: 7 months & pat on the back

Abram at 7 months...
wears size 6-12 mo clothes, size 3 shoe, size 3 diapers

took his first trip to pumpkin patch & lark ranch

eating great now!
nursing every 3-4 hrs plus solids 2x day plus snacks
favorite foods include: oatmeal w cinnamon, yogurt, roasted sweet potatoes, and puffs

you are a very social boy.  always has smiles to give.
very ticklish and silly.

starting to play more
you and leah are buds- she can make you laugh so hard
you are able to entertain yourself now also

working on fine motor, including feeding yourself and finding everything on the floor you shouldn't!!
clapping hands and waving bye-bye

moved to your own crib beginning on the month and by the end you figured out you could sleep longer periods without perishing from lack of food ha  mommy is very happy!

you found your voice recently gabbering "mama" "byebye" and screeching
you seem to talk the most when you are hungry

you don't sit still for very long anymore
army crawling very fast and everywhere
you like to climb in, on & through things

mommy is still your favorite person :)

I am finally caught up on posting lil man's milestones!  Phew.  Pat on the back.  He is growing so much lately and am just so proud of all my kiddos and the joys (& struggles) they bring to my daily life.  I really wouldn't change a thing.  No amount of money or things could fill the places they have in my heart.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Under the Sea Halloween

Not sure how I forgot to post these sweeties during halloween this year.  It was a fun year because the girls were really into it all... loved picking out costumes, handing out candy, dressing up with make up... the works.  

my mermaids and crab (or lobster- its debatable)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Abram: 6 months

Abram at 6mo:

wearing size 3-6 mo clothes, size 2 shoe
size 2 diaper

very happy, sweet personality
laughs alot 
becoming more vocal and screeching at times (ah)

sleeping a little better.  still in mama's room.  waking to eat 2x

eating some solids once a day, nursing every 3 hrs
md still concerned on his size

sitting well on own now but don't like to stay that way
learned to clap this month, waves w whole hand now