Friday, October 30, 2009

The Blowout

Ha. Seriously the picture was so sweet. Until you look close and notice the blowout. My two girls were listening to "Twinkle, Twinkle". Ayla's sweet voice echoed over the top. I grabbed my camera so I could take a pic to have as a memory. Then after I picked Leah off the floor for lunch I noticed the "gift" as Tera put it! ha This was a couple weeks ago and I came across it and thought you Ma's would get a kick out of it. The diaper company sure bank, don't they?!
Have a great Halloween.

We already hit the grandparents tonight. After eating a great dinner at my bro's restaurant. :) That's right. My big bro took over the Country Club in Washington and will be starting fresh and making yummy food!

Here's a taste of Leah's first Halloween and Ay's treat-fest (ha)!

Mama's Baby Bees

Off to the grandparents....
Mamaw & Papaw Owens

Mimi and Papaw Cosby

Lots more festivities to come. Thankfully this rain is supposed to pass!! Enjoy & Bee safe!

Funny Friday

Someone please tell me you get it.......

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Playgroup Halloween

So I guess its fair to say you will sneak a peak as to what my lil girls are for Halloween. hehe Oh well. As I have told some before, Im not too big on Halloween. Its just for fun. Its either hot or cold in the midwest- so you don't know how to plan. You drive around town with wings sticking out akwardly from the carseat just to get a bunch of candy that you guiltishly eat bc you surely don't want your toddler to consume all of that JUNK! :)
Before Playgroup Snaps.....

We look forward to playgroup every Wednesday. Gives us Moms a place to vent, laugh, cry, share stories, discuss vaccinations, and sympathize when someone is attacked by a dog. Really. Nearly everyone dressed up this year which was SO cute!
Baby Bee at playgroup

We lost a couple from the group shot. William did not want to sit and Caitlyn was protesting.

R to L: Harrison, Riley, Ayla, Leah, Lanie, Noah, Meredith, Benjamin

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shout out!

Yesterday, I picked up a day shift at the hospital. They have been really busy and that's where my job comes in. I am fortunate enough to be able to stay home with my girls and fortunate enough to love being a nurse. Its hard, but my girls always taken precident. Ultimately, I love staying home with my girls now. So nursing takes a back burner. Im totally ok with that. But, I wanted to give a shout out to all those full-time working Mommies out there. Wowza it was hard plotting out the time to pack bags, write out schedule, unfreeze milk, fret about me not being there, and then pull two sleeping girls from their beds in the am. Phew. You Moms Rock! I definitely think you don't get enough credit for the two full time jobs you hold! PS. It was still dark when I got up.... what?!


A big shout out to Miss Leah. She can sign for "milk". Im not sure which Mommy's choose to teach their children how to sign. But, I KNOW personally it helped grow Ayla's vocabulary early. Plus, she could tell us what she needed before she could even speak! How cool is that....


Who says you can't have it all? We watched our newphews all day on Sunday. So I was magically turned into a Mom of 4. Weird. Those of you who know me, know Id like to have at least four kiddos. Shout out to me... I know I can do it and survive! After church I cooked lunch & cleaned while the kids played. Baked cookies, watched a movie, got the younger two down for a nap.... phew. I wanted a nap, too. hehe Anyways, I know I can do it now!


My bloggy friend Brookeanne gets a BIG shout out for being able to use a sewing machine! Hello, my name is Courtney and am secretly in love with the thought of being able to use a sewing machine. Wow. Glad I got that off my chest. Off to call my grandma about reading the instruction manual on hers! ha

Well Baby

Leah had her 6 month well-baby visit 2 weeks ago today. (I hate being behind!) She is such a great baby. She got lots of ooos and awwws from the people at the office. Even Dr. L commented on how cute she was... and he just doesn't do that! Not in his nature. But, it was cute.

Regardless, it was a good visit. Got alot of questions answered and as always my baby looks good. Right on track....

Leah weighs 15lbs 14 oz
Leah is 25 1/2 in tall

Those keep her on the 50% percentile.

Thanks to my SIL who let Ay play while we were gone. ;)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Photos

We had our Owens' family photos taken last weekend with the lovely B.Bean. It was frigid and sprinkling. Too bad it wasn't like it was today... ugh. Oh well. The pics turned out awesome. Very happy with them as usual. However due to rain and the fact that Ayla decided not to smile We didn't get a photo of Ay on her own.

So today was an impromptu photo shoot to supplement our photos other photos. Ps. Go ahead and check out the ones Britt took, too. They're awesome!

Thankful Thursday: Women are Amazing!

Even when we are given obstacles in life.... I KNOW God is there to help us through! This woman, with the help of the Lord, did the "impossible". Its quite a sad, but triumphant article. A testament to self sacrifice.

"with God all things are possible"

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009: Part 2

Its Leah's turn to tell her side of the tale. She had a great time. Well, at least she looked like she did. She is an amazingly sweet baby. Always happy. I love that about her.

She didn't seem to mind the chilly, wet fall day. She is my laid back girl. While her sister remains my drama queen. Its cool watching the similarities and differences arise. She sure is a hambone for the camera though. I guess as much as she's seen that black box in front of my face its the norm. Speaking of which, I love my camera.... love my pics in raw form, but Id like to get my hands on a good editing tool bc its awesome having a crisp editted picture. When I have the time to edit that is! Any suggestions?

What a cool experience it was remembering at how I placed Ayla in the pumpkins a couple years ago. It was Halloween and she was just starting to sit up then. She didn't seem much impressed. Leah, however, just took it all in. And had the enjoyment of watching Ay run around. Something that was so cool for Mommy to see too. BOTH my girls out there.... woah. I think Leah watches Ayla and thinks she can't wait to do that. She kicks her legs and squeals in delight!

Sometimes it just hits me like a ton of bricks...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009: Part 1

It just isn't fall without a trip (or two) to the pumpkin patch. Oh, how I love pumpkins and mums on my porch. Though it seems as if I kill just about every mum I come in contact with. Grr. Doesn't matter as long as I keep growing my lil garden of girls.... I will be just fine.

You can obviously see her excitement as Daddy is bringing her own to hold. Oh yes. Unfortunately, we did not leave with any today. We got there right before closing yet it was closed. I guess they thought who would Really want to get out in the rain to get pumpkins?
This is Ay's third year at the pumpkin patch. She loves it. Actually, when we come in the spring for flowers she asks where the pun-kins are. Today was much different than I remember last year. Actually last year at this time it was warm enough to still be in short sleeves- and distinctively remember dressing her in a long sleeve shirt because it was more fall-ish. We didn't have to worry about that today. It was cold & drizzley. If she wasn't so cute we probably would have put it off. But, as soon as Jeff walked in the door she ran into his arms exclaiming "Punkins Daddy!"
Ayla 2007
Ayla 2008
(I swear she had the time of her life!)
She seems so big this year.

Actually. She IS so big this year. Please excuse how Im holding Ayla. HA My hub didn't tell me how this looked and I was trying to avoid a pumpkin avalanche! The things you do for a photo op?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thankful Thursday: Rememberance & Leah is 6 Months

Today my littlest turns half a year old. That seems so monumentous for us! Half a year has gone by since I sat on that bed, felt her kick inside me and listened to her take her first breath. She was so perfect and swollen. She made this sweet noise that made the entire room stop in awe... a bit like a baby kitten.

Now that same baby I fell in love with 6 months later....

sits on her own.

laughs All.the.time.

loves kids and studies their every move.

still very much attached to Mommy.

nursing most of the day + 2 bottles and solids.

has eaten rice & oatmeal cereals, apples, sweet potatoes, & green beans.

gets herself in the weirdest positions.

scoots and rolls all over, not content to stay in the same place.

has two front bottom teeth and working on more.

wearing sizes 3-6mo-6mo, size 2 diapers.

its cold so Mama likes to put her in legwarmers & tights.
reaching out to be held.
passing objects from hand to hand.
called by many names from Mama- Hope, Hope-e, Ladybug, Lee-bee.
We love you ladybug. You are such a joy in our lives. I can't wait to see the kind of woman you will become :)

Also, I was reading that today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. I feel so absolutely blessed every day to see my two sweet girls thriving. I don't talk much about this, but I was greatly affected by a friend's loss during my pregnancy with Leah. Like many of you blogging Mommies out there we all grew to know and love Andon. I know one day I will meet him and hold him. Until that day, Chelsa know that I think about you and A often. Baby Corbin is so lucky to have you and his two older bros to look after him. You are SO strong

Isn't it nice to be a kid....

To make crafts....

To nap any time you want (or don't want)....

To LOL or laugh out loud for you non-texters....

For impromptu photo ops and look good without makeup (I seriously need makeup!)....

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Thoughts

I should really update more often.

Im sad I haven't taken pictures of my girls in a while. And by a while I mean, like a week. Hopefully that will change shortly.

My house has stayed consistantly, somewhat clean for about a week. It helped getting a new look and more storage in my living room. Maybe I'll show that off sometime?

I nearly cried holding my friends newest addition yesterday. At only 7 hrs fresh she was so buttery soft, quiet, and perfect. I don't know if it was her sweet chubby cheeks that reminded me of my Leah. But, she was lovely. Congrats again Rainey's!

Im in constant project mode. By that I mean, I always want to do a project. That by no means translates to projects getting completed or even started. I just ripped off all the wallpaper in our basement bath. It is a Huge bathroom. And the only room we haven't touched since the move. I am motivated to finish this project and in a short amount of time. Just because.

I am in a tizy lately about my kiddos getting sick. Blame it on hearing the new (and young) cases of H1N1 in our neck of the woods. A little too close for comfort. I have holed us up for the most part. Don't like taking them out to Wally anymore- its too gross. Which is why I have been seen doing my grocery shopping at 9pm lately. Boo

Leah has officially became a problem sleeper. I know in my heart she really isn't. I keep telling Jeff that "I just know something is off". Is she sick? Teething? Needs more solids? Less solids? The problem is Mommy fixes everything. Maybe that's not a problem, but its tiring.

My Ayla spent the night at my parents house for the first time ever last weekend and had a Blast! She keeps talking about it... so cute. I don't know why its never happened before? We've stayed away from her multiple times.

I read a funny blog yesterday about children's cartoons and how ridiculous they are. Seriously? Has anyone ever seen Max & Ruby, Jungle Junction, etc. Woah. I actually don't mind watching some select gems.

Im mad because the place I ordered Ay's awesome halloween costume from is mysteriously 'refunded' me. Hmmm..

I love to shop. And this is a problem. Because you know that require money. Though everytime I think I have enough clothes for the girls I can't find anything I want them to wear, or get dirty, yet. Ha. Then there is home decor. Ladies, I have lived here for a year and have Very, very little on my walls. I must change this....

I am thinking we should get out of our pajamas and do something. Maybe not?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Soup-er Friday

Soup-er Friday's have been fun. I have filed away a lot of your recipes and can't wait to fill up on soups and other fun fall foods. I have been trying to think of things we like to make and do in the fall... not Just soups. I defintely break out my crock pot more in the fall than any other month. It is such a handy tool. I remember my daddy bought me my first crock pot for college so I could make roast. My dad is an awesome cook. Though he doesnt like to admit it. :)

As I was saying, crock pots are handy. It makes cooking and cleaning up easy. Plus, it makes my house smell lovely! I like to throw chicken or pork in with bbq sauce for the most tender bbq, roast and vegis, soups- like Chelsa's vegi from last week, and this recipe is jewel.

Ranch House Pork Chops.

YUM. Tender. Easy. yum.

4-6 Pork Chops
1 pkt Ranch seasoning (like for dressings, etc)
1 can crm chicken soup

Mix Ranch & soup together. Pour over top of chops. Cook on High 5 hrs or Low 7 hrs. Set it and Forget it. HA I have always wanted to say that.


Remember to link up to add or view recipes. Happy Fall!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thankful Thursday

First off, like most Thursdays I thank the Lord for the health of my children. Though I wish I got more sleep. I know the culprit. Tooth #2. Appeared Oct 7, just mearly 11 days after the first. I think she'll be like her big sis and have a mouthful of pearly whites early. And that makes me smile.

Last night my family and I went out to church to set up for our coat drive. We are taking part in the Bundle Up program, partnering with many area churches to coat children in Daviess Co. Soooo cool. Ayla noticed a couple of her hats from her closet were in the basket to donate. She did not like this or understand this ONE BIT.

We had a talk about the children who are cold and don't have hats like us. She was puzzled as to why their were kids who didn't have them....

We are a nation of spoiled people, you know. Me WAY definitely included.

Leah wanted to show Ayla how to do it...

Ayla finally decided to give her hat. I wasn't going to make her, but wanted her to do it. I hope to be able to show all our children no matter their age how to have a giving heart.

He who is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward him for what he has done.
Proverbs 19:17

Prayer Request

My grandmother called me today with some news. She recieved a phone call from a brother whom she had not had contact with in nearly 25 years. To be honest, I didn't even know she had a brother. How awesome it was for them to finally reconnect! However, the phone call came with news... he has bladder cancer. Eddie (the brother) has already undergone partial bladder removal and is getting ready to get chemotherapy. He asked if she could help.


I can't imagine how hard of a phone call that was for him and for my grandma. I wish she was close so I could hug her and encourage her to continue to reconnect with him. She (and Eddie) both live in Florida. She called to see if I could spread a prayer request far and wide for Eddie. Now that I can do. Id like to ask everyone who sees this to cover both my grandma and her brother in prayer. That they can feel peace together and comfort in knowing they have each other no matter what happened many years ago.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another fun weekend

We had another fun weekend. And unfortuneately, we're already planning for this one. It seems like life is at warp speed. My baby's are growing & learning fast, my house is dirty 5 seconds after I clean it, activities are abound. Though I do love the hurriedness, I can't wait to SLOW down a bit.

That is what fall is all about in my book. Slowing down. Sipping cidar. Baking oatmeal. Sharing it with friends. For now, I'll try to savour the present til I can watch it go by.

Last weekend we watched our fave lil dudes play soccer. It sure was cold out on the fields with the wind blowing. #19 reason to have babies... they are like little heaters on your lap when its cold out. So pretending to keep Leah warm, we snuggled. Never a bad thing.

Wyatt did great. He's an aggressor on the field. My kind of player. ha.

Later that eve we went to a bday party for my cousin's step-son Aden. He's a bundle of energy, very polite, cheesy cheese for the camera, and had a blast with his friends. There was a hay ride, caramel apples, chili, and dogs over the fire. Now that's fall!! My Aunt Lynn (his gma) did an awesome job party hosting. It was perfect.

This is Ayla with my Papaw seconds after she sweet talked him into spoon feeding her another helping of ice cream! ha She was very spoiled by her great g-parents. They gave her ice cream, cake, brownies, a cookie, and wondered why I squealed at the site of giving her a caramel apple on a stick.