Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I think fall is quickly approaching. I noticed on our outings today a few trees are dropping their leaves, as well as, some starting to change colors. I love when the trees are red, orange, & yellow!

This afternoon after a little time at the library we stopped at the "beach" behind our park just to burn off a little energy. It was windy and warm. Such an awesome combonation. My girls love to chase the ducks/geese. I know, mean. I don't let them get close because they scare me a bit ...ok a lot.

The windblown look is in.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Hello, Mister...

We are totally diggin the cooler evenings. Jeff and I both love to take walks so we've been trying to squeeze a few into our often busy nights. The other night while playing outside in the yard and enjoying the fall-ish weather the girls spot something.
We first noticed the girls just standing in one spot. Watching.
They don't slow down a whole lot so we knew something was up.

Jeff went over to check it out....

Can you see him?

Look a little closer...

Im sure you've guessed it.

Just in case you didn't, here's a better look.

Hello, Mister Toad.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sweet Success

I was lucky enough to get to go to the preview sale at the last kids consignment sale in Evansville. It was so cool thinking I got to view everything before the rush of the crowds on Saturday.

The amory was packed (sorry, no pic). It was packed with moms and with lots of clothes, toys, books, baby items, costumes, etc. We had a lot of fun and I got some great scores.

I found this vintage babydoll bed for $5.

I love the simplicity of it. The girls love it. Leah evens thinks she needs to "sleep" in it.

I wasn't going to buy Leah any clothes but I have alot of really nice gymb. sets for can't turn away prices. Most were in great condition and came in 4 piece sets with headbands, pants, shirts, sweater, etc.

This is Ay's pile. Not as big as I like, but Im happy with what I found.

I also scored this sweet ride for $10.

It retails for around $80. I found it in pink and purple. I easily turns to trike or big wheel. Ayla loves it and is begging me for a helmet. Ugh. I passed up the cutest helmet at this sale. Oh well.

Another sweet success is the girl's bathroom. It is almost done and Im really happy with how its turning out! I'll share a pic when its totally complete. Just a few more things to finish up.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Park with Friends

We took a fun trip to the park the other day. We are very thankful for the reprieve from the humidity early in the day. Truthfully, it was the first trip to the park we've taken in a very long time. Maybe all summer. I can't even remember.

I can't remember a summer being as hot as this one had been. So we've had to be aware of the heat so much. I love fall.... not quite ready to be totally done with summer. Knowing its around the corner has been enough for me.

Leah loves to think she is a "big girl" and really does a pretty good job at keeping up with them.

Sweet Sisters.

I baked cookies the day before and thankfully packed enough for the crew we ran into.

I love that my girls have such great friends. No matter where we will be when they are older I know we will always remember the friendships they have now.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Real Love Story

Ever get sick of reading blogs and wonder why you are apparently the only one stressed out? I do. I will read mushy, gushy words of soaking up every minute of your kiddos and who cares about cleaning and you shower every day (without kids at your feet) and then you bake because you have time and your kids either 1. nap for 3 hrs or 2. never complain or throw fits. And nothing ever throws a wrench in that?!


I truely LOVE my kids, adore and respect my husband, and feel incredibly blessed with where God has placed me in this time of my life. Beyond blessed, even. But, truthfully, I am almost always tired, lose my patience frequently, rarely get a daily shower, potty with someone at my feet every.single.time., bake bc I've given up at being skinny, and laugh at inappropriate things. Life is real and at times real crazy.

Here's some a reminder that most of us feel the same way. Happy Weekend....


Friday, August 20, 2010

Leah Hope:16 months

I can't believe that 16 months could fly by as fast as these have. I have watched both of my sweet girls grow and learn so much in this time. I couldn't be more proud-- or busy!

Leah Hope at 16 months....

is very talkative. Saying lots of new words. Sometimes says "no" when meaning yes. Stringing 2-3 words sentences together.

is very silly. Loud, dances, laughs, lives large, runs fast, sings songs.

loves to play with her sister. Is not very good at sharing yet. This has been an issue. We are working on disciplining with time outs. wearing pigtails for the first time.
still in size 18-24mo clothes, size 4 diaper. Seems very tall for her age. Im guessing around 33in. Not sure of how much she weighs, but she has juicy thighs.
loves animals. Knows her animals and associated noises really well. Especially since we went to the zoo last month seems to be more diverse.
can count 1,2,3. Only because she likes to run to you after counting.
her appetite seems to be slowing down. Still eats well and well-rounded, just not in as large quantities.

We are so proud of the girl you've become. We enjoy watching you grow everyday. Ayla loves her little sissy. Looking forward to see what next month brings...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dirty Days of Summer

Summer is dwendling. Obviously with all the fall clothes in stores, kids back in school, pools closing, etc. I love fall so much and am definitely ready for our schedules to even out. But realistically it is still 90+ degrees outside and so we are enjoying what is left of summer.
Sometimes I let the girls play in their sandbox after dinner. It was evening, though still very hot. Let's just say the sand stuck to their sweat. Ew.

Bath time.

We did hit the city pool before it closed last week. I was just getting into taking the girl's there. Its been a fun place this summer.

We've also swam with family. Ay's fave pal (next to Mere) is her cousin Parker. Isn't he handsome?

Today playgroup hit the splash park. It was alot of fun. Some kids played in the water, others didn't. But, a good time was still had by all. No meltdowns, lunch, sunshine, good friends. Couldn't have been any better.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Best Thing I've Ever Ate

Seriously. Someone asked me what the best thing I had ever ate was. I couldn't answer. And I've eaten a Lot in my lifetime and a Lot of great things. I came across this recipe recently and thought "Hmm... that sounds pretty good".

It wasn't good.

It was the best thing I have ever ate. period.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random Updates

The weeks have been flying by so quickly, which is nice because time outside is limited with the excessive heat. My girls want to go out. Even Leah has caught on by grabbing shoes (anyone's) and repeatedly asking to go "bye-bye".

Unfortunately, we haven't gotten to go out much. Id really like to sit in the sun a few more times before fall hits. But, I have a feeling its going to be scorching for a while then BAM hit us with cool weather. Thank you, Midwest living. Fall is by far my favorite season. Cozy weather, sweaters, fires & smores, leaves changing colors, and people spending more time together instead of running around. Good stuff. I'll put my fall feelings aside for awhile and enjoy the rest of summer. Its awful hard to even plan for fall clothes for your kids when its 120 degrees outside!

We've been finishing up some projects slowly but surely. We got our hands on a wet saw and the girl's bathroom floor should be tiled by this evening and grouted by the weekend. I can't wait to see it all come together. I got an awesome deal on a mini chandelier online. Ayla calls it her princess light. It will look so sweet. Once we pull this all together I think we'll take a break from projects for a bit. We wouldn't want to get ahead of ourselves or anything :)

Early this week Ayla had a 'mystery fever'. She woke up pretty droopy, 104 temp. (she tends to spike high) When it was just the two of us, Id let her ride it out a bit. Now that Leah is here I envision 2 wks caught in the house and it scares me. So we saw the NP and didn't really get any clear answers. What do you do?

We've been doing alot inside lately. The girls love crafts. So, lots of playdough, painting and coloring has taken place. I stayed up late the other day making a memory game for Ayla to learn her letters. She is kinda hard to focus on her learning activities and I've figured out how/when to do a few things with her. If I make it a silly game she just wants to guess and be done. But, she is liking working with her workbook for short periods of time. And so far has really enjoyed doing this puzzle with me. I think she likes the one-on-one time with Mommy. We say the letter, the sound, and a word associated with it. Hopefully, we'll get some results soon. It can't hurt right?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Slowest Project Completors Ever

That's us. Me moreso. I get a fire under my butt and want to get stuff done SO bad and then I get almost done and something foils my plans. I need help, or don't have enough stuff, run out of paint, too short, not trusted with a drill, and so on.

I guess that is why I cook bc I know that its my domain and I know I can do what I want, when I want. That I complete.

Here's a list of projects that are long awaited to be completed.....
(Updates in red- what was actually done this weekend!)

We have lived in this home for 2 years now. Never had house numbers on. People get confused ya know fed-ex and pizza delivery is important. We did purchase said letters about a month ago. One foot in front of the other, I suppose. I asked Jeff to put them on today. I'll let you know how that goes :)

Numbers on front of house... check!

Plus added some chairs we had already. Wouldn't be my pick, but its something. Hopefully it will cool down soon so we can actually use them. We need something for that large expanse of white brick and pull up the gross brown outdoor carpet. Why would someone carpet their porch? My mom says we'll have to put more carpet down- ew. Any other suggestions?

Ayla's bedroom transition. We decided to move Ay to her full size bed around her birthday in May. So since May (or April) its been "under construction". Don't get my wrong lots has been done, but lots have been left unfinished. I repainted while two girls played under my feet. Jeff hung the molding after work in evenings. But there is touch ups to be done and molding needs caulked. She has 6 outlets in her room which were grody beige- only 3 have been switched to white. Then the girls tub had a leak and so we pulled up the floor in the bath and so goes the next project... Now the bath is painted and ready for new floor, but who has the time for that? Leak is fixed and accessories are bought. Last night I put this awesome collage together on her wall. Plan to 'start' the floor this weekend... hehe

Rockin' collage.... check.

Plus, tile is 60% down. Hit a snag with our saw. Hope that gets done tonight?!

I designed our master bath with walk-in showers years ago. After being here for 2 years, I just got used to it being a dirty hole in the bathroom. ha People would come by and I'd be like.. and that's supposed to be our shower. ha We recently contracted it out bc apparently there is a deadline you have to set for yourselves. See we were going to tile it ourselves--2 YRS AGO ha Its finally in its last stages. Jeff is putting on the fixtures as I type.

Sealed the shower.... check!
This shower is extremely large. 2 shower heads, etc. Its a beast. But, I think it turned out beautiful!

I also framed and hung several pics throughout the house. Some from our last family shoot and one wedding pic that I enlarged. We had only a few wedding pics up and I thought it was weird. We have so much more to go. Most of the walls still seem so bare. How is that? Hopefully, the girls bath will be done soon. I ready to put it all together!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Silly Sisters

Lately, Ayla has been saying some of the cutest stuff. I wish I had a little camera on so I could look back and giggle. I wish I could remember it all.

Both girls are into singing nowadays. Leah is more traditional, singing Hot Dog song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Elmo's World theme. Ayla on the other hand walks around the house singing "Let's get it started... Let's get it started in here." HA or her other fave is the Party in the USA song from Miley. She'll ask me to sing the "hands up" song.

By the end of the night when we're tucking Ay in she'll try to drag out her time with us together. By asking us things like "tell me about your day" or "let's imagine a story".

(Ayla working in a preschool workbook- can't believe we are talking preschool )

Both girls are super lovey. Leah is starting to carry a dolly around. Its really cute to see her get into that nuturing role. Because those who are close to Leah know she doesn't stop long "nuture". She's kinda a bully right now.

Here she is with her baby... sharing milk, loving, and the last one she was saying "kick, kick" apparently the baby was kicking her?

(I told you her hair was growing fast)

Ayla has always been a little Mommy. She likes to help and repeat my Mommy-isms. Lately she'll grab Jeff's face or mine, look into our eyes, and spew sweetness forth. My faves lately are "Mommy, Im so proud of you", "You're such a big girl", and "I love you up to the sky".

Some not so cute things she's picked up from me lately... Well, yesterday we were having a standoff on the couch. I wanted her to do something and she clearly didn't want to comply. She looked at me with the stink-eye and said "do you hear my words" ha. I asked her right back if she heard MY words and asked if she wanted to apologize. I won that one. But, she's good. I may have to watch her in the future.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Fun Day Out + Playgroup

Tuesday we met up with my friend Jen and her 3 wild & silly boys to play in the water before she drove back home. We don't get to see them often so I couldn't pass it up.

The girls and I played in the park while it was still cooler in the am. Then we met at the splash park in Petersburg. We were happy to be the only ones there and could run and play without bothering anyone. It was alot of fun. Leah wanted to see and do anything the older boys did. Ayla hung close to us ladies, snacked, and played on her own. She'd come up and ask us "did you see my cool moves?". Ha.

Anyways, it was nice to catch up a little. Laugh. And let the girls burn off some energy.
Thanks for meeting us Jen! Maybe we'll do it on your turf next time....

Wednesday, was playgroup day. It was officially a million degrees outside and so we all needed to take shelter. It was my turn to host playgroup. We had a good turnout. Had lots of kiddos running around, eating, playing, or snuggling.

The car was a hot ticket. Everyone wanted in.

Leah was a grump. Thought she was just tired? Turns out she decided not to nap well or sleep AT ALL last night. I am writing this post in zombie mode.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Leah Hope: 15 1/2 months

Really? How hard is it for me to do this on time? ha Apparently with a summer like this one... very hard! Oh well. Better late, than never.

Leah Hope at 15 months...

is very physical. Runs well. Tries to jump. Dances. Runs into walls- and shakes it off. Climbs on everything. Tries to stand in high chair.

is very vocal. Has a very large vocabulary (just like her sis did at this age) a little mumbly though. She can repeat anything you ask her to. But, I can tell she understands most things. She uses words that I don't remember "teaching" her. Stringing 2-3 words together.

Has good manners. Says "Peas" while signing. "Dank u" or "Dank u Mama" -precious

is very loud. Laughs and shrieks SO loud. Its driving me quite nuts, but I know its bc she's happy.

is very emotional. She loves big and gets upset big. She is super attached to her Mama. Doesn't want anything to do with most if I'm around.

hair growing really fast. Her hair is so much longer than Ay's was and has sweet curls in the back.

likes making silly noises. Learned how to click her tongue. Will stomp her feet to hear a noise and if she doesn't hear anything she'll click her tongue to add effect. ha

is very brave.

eats anything and everything. Loves fruits the best. Pretty good at eating veg. Fave thing is a "nack" (snack) I hear that word over and over all day. She knows how to get into the pantry and pull things out for me to get her. She will also go get a bowl from the cabinet for me to fill.

Seems very tall. Not sure of actual height. I need to start her growth chart. She was 28lbs at her last ear check. Wears size 18-24mo clothes. Size 4 diapers.

has had rough sleeping periods lately. Went through a 2-wk period of freq night wakings. We went to one nap a day and I switched her back to soy milk. She is doing better- usually only once and goes back down in seconds. Its weird!

finally 1 nap a day. 2 hours or more.
plays really well by herself. Loves to play w her babies and push them in her stroller. She tends to pull it behind her instead of pushing it. Not sure why. She also is loving being read to. Will sit through at least two books at a time. I think next month we'll try a library trip? She can also pick out her Bible from the rest of the books and say "bible"... SO cute
learning body parts. Leah knows hair, belly, ear, eyes, nose, mouth, toes.
still very much loves animals and recognizing more and more each month. More clear with animal sounds- meaning not all big animals growl ha.