Friday, October 4, 2013

Abram: 18 months

I drafted this post last how time flies.  I added pics of mister Abe 13mo-18mo. It's crazy to see how quickly time flies!

Not sure what happened to my sweet little guy.  Every day seems to be a new word, a new trick, growing hour by hour it'd seem.  I've said it with each child 18 months is my fave.  It's a vocal explosion and a window of massive growth.

This month definitely brought on Abe's speech.  He seems to learn a new word or phrase daily.  Right now I hear alot of "vroom"s and "tuck tuck" (truck).  Oh! And can't forget "tactor" (tractor) and "no nut" (donut).  He has his priorities.  Other words in his vocab... No no, "Ay ya" (Ayla), "le la"(Leah), mama, dada, ball, more, duck wack, cheese, cookie, dog, kitty, jump, mamaw, papaw, bye bye, go, Bo Bo (boo boo), bayba (baby), boop (poop), and prob more I'm forgetting

Other things going on in his little life... Leah went off to preschool which means a bit of alone time w mommy.  A month or so ago we he started telling me "boop" and grabbing his diaper.  He does this often now when he goes.  It's great.  I think he will train easy.  I brought out the little potty.  He went to bathroom, stood in front of it and "bopped" in his diaper then came & got me.  The girls watched him and were so impressed!  We have had some boop moments in the mornings.  Abe has surprised us with painting his crib with boop.  What can I say Abe loves his hands in his pants! Ha

One development that especially warms my heart is praying.  We, as a family, pray often but before meals definitely.  Earlier this week Abe reached for my hand.  He has done it every time since.

Abe's favorite things...
His play mower
Going on walks
Digging in the sand

Looking at tractors
Snuggling with mommy
Baby strollers

Leah's turn

Not sure why it happened but Leah just had to grow up and go to school. 

I'm sorry I've gotten so far behind on posting.  We have been so busy!  But this was a very special day for us.  Leah was bright eyed and raring to go.  No fear.  This drop off was a bit easier for me, also.  Though the afternoons seem long without her presence in the house.

So far Leah is really enjoying school.  She has Ms. Barb.  And her buddy Ella is in her class!