Saturday, July 12, 2014

Virginia Beach Vacation

We decided to vacation in Virginia Beach this year with my mom & dad and be close to my Aunt Kelly, Uncle Ken, and their kids.  I am so glad we did.  It was time we rarely get with them.  The weather was nice and hot.  Perfect for the beach. 
The trip was spent eating, laughing, splashing, building sand castles, and walking the boardwalk.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

French Lick 2014: Wrap Up

One of my favorite traditions is touring the grounds at West Baden on our trip.  Jeff and I have been doing this since before we were married.  Since we had Ayla (7 years ago) we had always snapped a few pictures.  I know I will always cherish them.

This year we got all the grandkids together with grandma & grandpa

and even one with the whole gang minus greg and julie who had to be at work.

love my crazy crazy family!
We had a few guests this year also.  The girls were beyond excited to have the Hill Family take a couple days to play with us.  While the dads golfed the moms & kids all went horseback riding and played in the pool.

Leah & Cherry Pop

Ayla on Sprite. 

Ava & Leah pals to the end

This was Abe's first year to ride.  I was trying to be really calm and definitely not push him to do it.  UP he hopped onto this back like it was nothing.  He looks so little and big at the same time?  

I love our trips to French Lick.  They are full of silly, happy. relaxing times with family.  It causes us to slow down for a couple days.  Im glad Jeff's family started this tradition over 30 years ago.