Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Season's 1st Snow!

The excitment of the first snow is magical! The girls watched as the rain slowly changed from flakes and cheered as the flakes grew fluffy and the rain stopped. It definitely changed the mood around the house from a gloomy morning to celebration! Even Gus was loving it.

But we couldn't just stay in all morning. Gus needed to get his first taste of the white stuff and the girls and I didn't want to miss it! So out we went to the front porch... I know Im a downer. Ha. Lunch was on the stove and so we ventured out just for a few minutes. But, it was perfect still.

Obviously, Gus enjoyed it.

And I think its safe to say we're ready for more...
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Thanksgiving 2011

These are the 3 measly pictures I have to show for this years Thanksgiving. I am Seriously slacking! I wasn't feeling great. I guess I will use that as my excuse for now. :) But, in all honesty, it was a whirlwind day. Two dinner a few hours apart, lots of family to visit in little time, not to forget our black friday tradition.

The above pics were taken at my parent's house where my beautiful mama hosted the most.delicious.meal I have EVER had. It was so good in fact I ate seconds (or thirds) even though I was feeling exceptionally nauseas. It was the only meal I ate all day! So good! We headed over to Jeff's parents house for the rest of the evening to talk and play with family. The girls had a fantastic day.

The hubs & I met up with great friends for our now annual trip to Edinburgh for black friday shopping. It was superb again! The company outweighs everything- though the deals are sweet too.
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Monday, November 28, 2011

24 Days of Thanksgiving Wrap Up

I am much better at keeping up daily accounts on Facebook. Just because of its ease to post. I finished my daily thankful 'reminders' on there and wanted to copy them over here. It is quite neat to see the moods I was in each day this month! I would love to have a heart of Thankfulness every day. Its sad that sometimes its hard to squeeze it out.

‎11: Today and every day I am thankful for those who serve our country on & off our soil. It is such an admirable, selfless job! Thanks!

12: Thankful for so many wonderful friends & family to be around to share in celebrating life!

13: Thankful for time. Time with God, with those we love, the present.

14:‎ Thankful for plenty of food to eat.

15: Thankful for reminders: Listening to my little girls praying before their (pretend) tea party. Reminds me that I may be not messing everything up! :)

16: Thankful for our playgroup. These kids are awesome and the moms are even cooler! Getting ready to have them all invade soon...

‎17: Thankful for baby kicks. They make me smile everytime.

18: Thankful for wonderful parents to raised me to self sufficient and confident.

‎19: Thankful my husband thinks Im sexy in sweats!

‎20 & 21 : Thankful for a warm house on rainy days and plenty of warm clothes to put on myself and my kids. Even if my belly is getting too big for most of them, and I wish I could go out and buy the newest/best for my kids. We are very well taken care of :)

‎22: Thankful to have a sense of humor on days like today.

23: Thankful for the feeling holidays gives most people.

24: Thankful for all the wonderful people who are in my children's lives that continue to help mold them with Jeff and myself. Since 'it takes a village to raise a child' I am thankful to have the best family and friends around! Plus a Heavenly Father who guides and protects!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Trading BOWS for BLUE

Time seems to be in warp speed as we are still trying to wrap our brains around bringing a little man into our home soon. I, actually, am getting pretty pumped about the new adventure. Overwhelmed at times, but still pumped.

A few updates on this pregnancy so far...

At 26 weeks I have gained 12 lbs. I think this is fairly close to what I was with the girls.

Girls are really excited about having a baby brother.

Nothing done in the nursery yet. Alot of stuff on my 'Nesting' list to do! Mainly some home projects that we've let slip and won't be up to doing with a newborn. I wrote one out when I was pregnant with Leah too. Nothing like a baby on the way to light a fire under your rump!

I feel good. Starting to get alot of heartburn lately. This time its definitely worse than with the girls. Its like I need to breathe fire! Possibly a full head of hair? We'll see. This means no cravings anymore.

Lil man is much more active in the womb than before. But, he seems to be pretty mellow all together. Id love for that to ring true later in the winter, too!

No names picked. Definintely open for suggestions. If I am honest, I have a list of 3-4 names that I have liked since the beginning of this pregnancy. Jeff just can't stick to one quite yet. He also seems to want to keep a secret. So, the name might be under wraps? Only time will tell :)

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

We Caved!

When I say "we".... I mean Jeff. See, almost 4 weeks ago we decided to have the US tech put the gender of our baby in an envelope. We weren't quite sure if we were going to wait for the surprise or not. Earlier in the week Jeff told me he wanted to find out.
So a few days of planning brought us to today.... November 12, 2011. The day we found out boy or girl? It was a gorgeous afternoon. Surrounded by our close family, we cut open a box which would have either pink balloons or blue balloons. Neither of us knew.. or those in attendance.
It was so exciting. And I got more emotional than I thought!! Its a BOY! Really! I know I have been saying it all along, but really... its A B-O-Y!

Couldn't be more excited :)

Its going to happen....

Thursday, November 10, 2011

24 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 10

Day 10:
I am so thankful for wonderful friends! I feel incredibily blessed to be surrounded by such sweet friends who not only support me, but love my kids, and go beyond to show they care!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Preparing for baby Melanie...

I am getting a new niece soon. I have never had a niece. The girls and I are so excited! Baby Melanie (or Lanie) is due early December. We threw a little shower for her Mommy. It was so nice! The weather was perfect!

In 5 weeks or less we will be welcoming a new sweet bundle to our family. Parker will be a big bro. And my big bro doesn't get to make fun of me anymore bc that Lanie is going to make him MELT! He often teases me bc I handle situations with the girls differently (more tenderly) than he does with Parker. He says I was meant to have girls... I say, now so are you! ha

24 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 8 & 9

Day 8:
I am so thankful to be pregnant. There are so many wonderful women out there to deeply long to carry a child. Not to mention the stress that comes along with infertility or miscarriage. Its ugly. My heart aches for those women. But, I trust in our Lord, who is consistant and knows what is best for us. Today, Ayla laid on the couch with me and sang to my belly "Jesus loves Me" then looks up and says, "if you get real close the baby can hear me". So blessed.

Day 9:
I am thankful for technology. Technology fars surpasses anything I can comprehend. Even though its over my head I can still order food, gifts, and services for my family, email/msg/chat with friends who are far away or just down the road, find recipes and inspiration to better make my house a home, and so much more. I do feel like alot of evil goes down on the internet, but a whole lot of good too :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

24 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 6 & 7

Day 6: Thankful for 2 beautiful children who are full of life, fun, sassy, sweet & cuddly.

Day 7: Today I was thankful for my mom. She celebrated her bday yesterday. I am not only thankful for another year with my mom, but also so thankful to have been raised by such a strong woman. We have not always been close when growing up, but she is one of my best friend's now.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

24 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 5

Today I am thankful for a creative God. A God of every detail. The deep sky. The crisp air. The changing of seasons. There is no way anyone could have done a better job. As I look out the window and see the leaves falling I am reminded of him in every moment.

Friday, November 4, 2011

24 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 4

I am so very thankful to be able to be a stay at home mom. It was something that Jeff and i prayed about and discussed even before we were married or had kids. I very, very much love being a nurse and am equally thankful for that opportunity God has given me. But, right now my place is in the home no matter the income we bring in, I know we will figure it out. There is a saying that "they are only this little once". I usually giggle when I hear that, but realize its true as time is slipping away... my kids are growing older and stronger... more kiddos and milestones enter the picture... and I am so tired!
Staying at home is most definitely NOT glamorous. But, it is where I am supposed to be.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lark Ranch

As always Lark Ranch was something we all looked forward too! The weather was wonderful fall weather. The girls had a blast! We spent most of the afternoon there dinner, animals, and playing for hours. Some good friends met up with us too! Can't beat that :)

24 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 3

I am thankful for Thursday each week. Thursday is the only day of the week that we don't get up early for something and get to stay in and rest, play, or whatever we like! Its our pj day. I am most thankful, because next year we will not have a "pj day" since Ayla will be in school!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

24 Days of Thanksiving: Day 2

I am thankful for a husband that mopped for me last night at 930.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

24 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 1

I am thankful for severe fatigue. It reminds me of the little babe that is growing and thriving inside me.