Monday, July 15, 2013

Family Time at the Evansville Zoo

After I was gone for nearly a week for dance camp I was due for some one on one family time!
We decided to head to Evansville to the zoo then to the children's museum and dinner!
It was much needed :)

self timer photos.... boom

Beating the Heat

Monday, July 8, 2013

Tennis Camp

Ayla started tennis camp this year.  
I wish I had something like this when I was young.  I have always wanted to be good at tennis.  I still do!  Jeff and his family played tennis all growing up.  He, of course, is really good.  Which is intimidating when you are not.  Its fun to see him helping out with our kids in sports now.  Time flies!

Daddy helping Ayla

First time hitting the ball.  Mamaw Owens is one of the head instructors.  

That's my girl working hard

This was their first week.  Every session the kids are getting stronger and more confident.  Jeff said last night they began playing a little game and Ayla looked strong.  She says she is really enjoying it.  I hope it turns into something she can do for a long time to come.  Hoping to take the whole fam out soon and teach mommy some skills so we all can play.  

Where did my baby (teeth) go?

Look at that sweet face?
I haven't been so great at documenting events lately.  One very important change... teeth.  Or missing them.  Ayla lost her first two baby teeth at age 5.  Since her 6th birthday, she then she has lost 6 total!
This is her last picture with her beautiful front teeth.  I just loved them.  I know that sounds strangely sentimental, but its true.  
They have been wiggly for some time.
On our way home from Cincy for Cooper's birthday she calmly said, "dad do you know what I want you to have for fathers day.... to pull my tooth out"

Happy Father's Day 2013 Jeff

This is my fave pic.  Jeff and I laughed so hard when we looked back.  Pure, sweet Ayla.  That fear quickly turned into joy.


One down... the other gone in 2 days!

John Cooper Turns One and Family Fun

 June went took a long weekend trip to Cincy to help prepare and celebrate our nephew Cooper's first birthday.  It was so much fun spending alone time with their family, shopping, eating, and laughing.  Little Cooper keeps changing and growing so much!

Gina, Cooper's mama, decided on "frogs, snails, and puppy dog tails" as her theme and I got to decorate while she cooked for the party.  I love how it turned out.  We did a really neat balloon banner also, not sure how I forgot to snap a pic of that.  But it will def be duplicated at a future party.  

Cooper wasn't super into his cake.  He hasn't had much sugar before.  

It was a beautiful day so we played in the sprinkler and slip in slide.  After the crowd we got out "non popping" bubbles.  The kids loved it!  I wish they were closer.  My girls sure do love playing with Ridge.  
Happy Birthday, John Cooper