Friday, March 20, 2015

life with little sis

our first week with Emilia has been pretty sweet

An amazing day

The day I prepared to give birth was an amazing day.

A former dancer of mine came to photograph.  I will never regret having these images.  They are forever precious to me.  These moments we are fully present in bringing Emilia into this world.

There is so much love.
An amazing day.

8 days new

Being a big brother sure suits him.
Emilia 8 days new.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Emilia's Birth Story

Being my forth pregnancy, you would assume I know how this goes.  My first, Ayla, came in a surprise.  I was not quite 36 weeks finishing up a 12 hour shift at the hospital.  A bit of light cramping sent me home and after a hot shower my water broke.  My second, Leah, came much like her personality.  I had premature contractions keeping me on my toes from 32 weeks on.  I gave birth to that spunky girl at 37.5 weeks.  I greatly assumed I would have another early babe nearing the end of my third pregnancy.  But, Abram's pregnancy was very different in a lot of ways.  He hung in there until 38.5 weeks when my water broke in the wee hours of the morning.

Emilia, you stuck with mama the longest.  We carried each other right up until my due date.  I rocked, walked, stretched, and swayed to encourage you to come meet us.  You had other plans.  I was anxious soI asked to have my water broke to start labor the day before your due date.

March 12 2015
Early morning.
The day was calm and wet.
Once my water broke, labor was fast and hard.
Your mamaw, mimi, and daddy were all there.
We joked and guessed your weight.
I pushed longer and harder than any other labor.
I was worried.
All the sudden, you were here.
So tiny.
So lovely.
From the moment our eyes met, I knew you were mine.

Friday, March 13, 2015

First with my Forth

Sharing some of our first pictures with our sweet girl.  Today was a beautiful whirlwind.  Full of sweet moments, missing my bigs, loving the alone time with my baby, and memories of rushing Abe to NICU after his birth.  Its crazy the emotions that run through your head after giving birth.  So many things I don't want to forget.  The presence, the people, the chatter, and the quiet.
Opening her eyes for her daddy.
She seems so tiny.  
I carried her by far the longest of all our babies.
Ayla 36 weeks, Leah 37.5, Abe almost 39, and Emilia day before 40.
But she was almost our smallest (Ayla won- but come on she was 4 weeks early!)

her first selfie.
and my favorite.
the first of many snuggles

these big girls are already through the moon for you sweet girl

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Introducing, Emilia Micah Owens

Emilia Micah Owens

 March 12, 2015
7 lb 6 oz
20 in