Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ayla's 6th birthday with friends

Ayla requested a Lalaloopsy party.  We stuck with a simple party just for her school friends plus a couple close ones.  We set it up at Mr. Gattis.  Since we were getting ready to leave on vacation it seemed to be an easy solution.  A good time was had by all!

Leah is FOUR!

Waking up to birthday balloons is a tradition I hope we can keep up.  They always are so excited!

We decided to keep the girls birthdays low key this year since we are going on vacation very soon.  But "low key" doesn't mean it can't be special.  :)  I put together a birthday breakfast for Leah and her 2 besties on the fly.

She chose a Hello Kitty theme.  And wanted to do nails... done.

Love these girls :)

Another birthday tradition is going to Gasthof for lunch and "feeding" the donkeys ha

She's came a long way from this big eyed beauty.  (1st birthday)

We are so proud of you, Leah Hope.  You are the most caring, sweet, fun, silly, and spontaneous girl I know.  Our days are full of singing, dancing, jumping and playing.

At four...
love playing ponies, "make up", dress up, princesses

your favorite foods are cheese, fruit snacks (ha), fruit

you are very tall and mature.  we get asked if you are twins w Ayla often.  i would guess you are about 1 in shorter than her right now

your favorite movie is snow white