Thursday, January 29, 2009

Its cold outside....

....but baby its warm in here! :)
My name is Courtney, and I have seasonal affective disorder. Ha. No really. Sometimes I wonder. I am a chick who likes to leave the house and run around with no shoes on. Winter is constraining at times. hehe

It sure is beautiful out though.. isn't it?

Our love keeps us warm inside our house...

We also took in a stray. Appartently, it was so cold this little guy didn't want to freeze. So we're taking him in and adopting him. He's cute though, right? :)

No really. During my cabin fever I must find things to do (other than clean my bathrooms). This lil twurp is the result of my insanity. It is in the entry of Leah's nursery. He loves his new tree home. :)

Hope everyone is staying warm & with the ones you love. Have a great back half of the week...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brrrr... :)

The snow outside is beautiful, because of its amount not many people are out & about. That means the snow is staying crisp, white and wonderful! Ayla had never "experienced" snow. Last year she wasn't yet walking, and who wants to crawl in the snow? Really? The last bit we recieved Ayla was sick with tonsilitis. So today was the day...
We went over to the Bean's so Mer and her to go out together. (ha) Brittney and I spent quadrouple the amt of time talking and dressing our kids than they spent outside. At first, the girls didn't know if they were supposed to do anything. Both of them didn't want to open their eyes bc the wind was blowing the snow about. Mer wasn't feeling good and so she wasn't diggin' it. Brittney's hands were frostbit, but she got to keep all her fingers. I braved taking my new camera out in the snow, eeek, even though Britt said Luke would have a cow! Ayla liked kicking the snow, but refused to touch it. Oh well. All in all it was our first time in the snow, maybe tomorrow we'll do snow angels 101?!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Leah Hope: 27 weeks

I feel really bad that I don't take belly pics as much as I did with Ayla. Im sure it has something to do with the fact Im chasing around a toddler! But, I wouldn't have it any other way. As we were getting ready to leave for the bball game tonight I asked Jeff to grab the camera. Of course, Ayla LOves the camera. She runs around and says CHHHEEESE!!
Leah seems to be growing so fast. She hops and tumbles happily in my tummy. Ayla has felt her move and laughs when my belly jumps. I have to admit, you seem to forget how wild of a feeling it is when they are this active! Its wonderfully, hilarious :)

Excuse the photos being unedited, its late and I have an early competition in the morning. Just wanted to put these on before it was too late. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ready to have my kid back

(@ quickcare)
Some of you know that my Ayla has been sick on & off for a couple weeks. First she had that nasty little GI bug- EW. Then well Mommy got it, then daddy.... did I say EW? Once that was through last weekend she started running a fever. Being a nurse, I try to wait out her fevers hoping its teething. She started waking up every hour! Then that night she started snoring (snoring=inflammation=airway constriction) and her fever got as high as 104.5- not good, def not teeth. Ugh.

After two nights of this I took her to quickcare, thankfully we had Tera as our NP. Ayla loved her and it was great to see her not be scared! She had tonsilitis- seriously,ugh. She is doing So much better now. But, her personality has transformed to the whinest, meanest girl EVER. A few weeks ago my friend Brittney talked about her little one turning into a monster while sick. OH Yeah. I feel ya now.

Slowly each day we are praying for the return of our child. Mid week, I actually called Jeff at work, cried and said "Im ready to have my kid back".... Yesterday was pretty good. Lots more playing and laughing, less fits and tantrums. Looking forward to what today brings...

I know I will laugh about it soon, just not today :)

So far so good!

My girls...

Some of you probably thought it was going to be another spot on my two little ones. But, actually this is about my 4 other "daughters". :) I am very lucky to be the coach (for almost 4 years now) of the competition dance team at WHS, Wash Dance All-Stars. I am so proud of these girls, their passion & determination.
I get the priviledge of picking my team from the Varsity squad. It is awesome to get to know these girls, laugh & learn together, and see them grow each week. We had our first competition last weekend and will continue to travel every weekend for the next 4 weekends plus. Please say a prayer for these special girls. They work very hard at what they do.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What you all have been waiting for...

So its not "done", but we are getting Way closer. Like I said before, lighting, window treatments, rug, moving the rocker, and hanging a few things. But, I feel so accomplished to finally have a room to say that is her's. I hope Leah loves it as much as I do. There has been alot of love put into it. Daddy painted the walls, Mimi did the tree, I did her name branch, and Ayla of course did alot of "helping" to as you can see. I will be sure to post more as we finish. But for now, I am content with how it's turning out! Then it back to the playroom remake, ugh.

Hope you enjoyed!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Leah's Nursery!

Oh my... I can not begin to tell you how I am falling in love with my little Leah's room. Its just coming together so fast! I have all kinds of pics from beginning to now of the room's transformation.
Paint was finished this weekend & my mom and I added some "special" touches to the walls today. (I don't want to spoil the surprise!) Crib is in place, but bedding is not washed. I have this thing- this jinx thing that Leah may come out a boy if I wash it. HA. So it will be washed after she arrives. :) I know... Im weird. No light fixture yet. And a few things need to be put on the walls. Otw, the rocker will not be moved in too soon bc it is Ayla's fave place to read and rock. Still haven't figured out exactly how to figure that out. But, we bought our chair with the intent we'd rock all our babies in it and be passed to each child. And that is the plan...
I will try to post some pics in the am. Id like to take pics in the am when the lighting is better. I hope I got you guys on the edge of your seat with anticipation!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tutu Time

With this cold weather keeping us in more, we've had to find more ways to keep our little one happy. Toddlers have energy, you know? Last night Ayla wanted to put on her tutu. It was bought for her 1st bday, but I knew she'd one day enjoy dressing up and it would be perfect. The day has come. She ran around happy as a ballerina at show time. Please excuse her cruddy outfit under it... ugh.

She had her first lesson including turns, leaps, you name it. Ha. Her feet are pretty much glued to the ground, but she "jumps" (trys to).

The next day.... tutu time was born again! I can't stiffle her love her dance! :) YAY

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We're making changes around here. Those of you who talk to me ever, probably notice most of my conversations include our current home project of moving our playroom out to make Leah's nursery & converting our guest room into playroom/guestroom.

Phew. Its tiring.

Old guestroom in Phase 1: deconstruction
Who knew in 4 years of marriage you could accummulate so much stuff?! Wow. Anyways, we're getting closer. We got Leah's crib home Sunday & I polished it up Monday! Its really pretty. Her bedding arrived Tuesday (Yay!). Again, nesting is consuming me!

Starting to make progress in "new" playroom: Need couch, painting the cabinet, & other small fun things Id like to do on the walls...

Now Im scratching my head trying to figure out exactly how I want to organize it, so Im not redoing it again in a month bc I don't like it. We're on a hunt for a nice pull-out couch to put in there so adults have a place to sit and guests can rest when they come in town. Any ideas, friends, let me know!

Before (up) & After (down) Leah's room- painting this weekend, then I'll unveil the bedding. It should come together pretty quickly as long as we get to paint this weekend
(xx cross your fingers)

I hope you will be dazzled and amazed with our progress pics. HA I forgot to take any prior to distruction, sorry!

My Big "Helper"....

During all the chaos that follows home improvement projects Ayla has done surprisingly well. We had a few meltdowns understanding why she couldn't play in Leah's armoir, when it was placed in her playroom. Then after the playroom was moved... why she couldn't lay in Leah's bed. Eww.. sour moments! :( Poor girl.

We resorted to talking frequently about Leah's room and bed. Having her help me put the kitty (toy) to bed for Leah, turning the lights on, etc. It has helped alot. Everyday we spend a little time in there "checking" on the room for Leah until she gets here. I knew this was going to be hard, but I want her to be ok with everything. Changes are weird for us all. Hopefully, we're taking all the right steps to get there....

She HAS been a very big helper in alot of ways though.....

like helping me organize her toys before we moved them....


making sure we got all stuff ordered for Leah's room....

Monday, January 5, 2009


My friend Jennifer posted a little ditty on the changes she wants to implement in her life this year. After reading this I began to think of the many "changes" that will be taking place in our house whether I like it or not. Then realized there were many things that I could should do to better our lives also.

The wheels in my head started to turn and as many people talk of resolutions this time of the year. I kept feeling prompted to proclaim my newfound feelings. I don't like to call them resolutions, because I don't think many truely even remember what they've "resolved" to do by mid summer.

Do you even know what this term means? To resolve, or, to change by disintegration. My goals for the year do not include "disintegration". Rather than disintegrate, Id like to keep my little life together, thank you. Just improve the way I think, love,

My goals are to budget more, fight less,
enjoy having 2 babies, become active again,
less wanting, more giving, cook healthier,
learn more from the bible, laugh louder, prioritize date nights,
read more books to my children,
more crafts, less complaining, more praying, finish our home,
breathe slower, grow a garden,
forgive & forget,
show more gratitude.
I will live more, love more, & serve more.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Fun...

I guess better late than sorry. There has been so much to be thankful for this season that it has been hard to concentrate on the material gifts we have received. We are so truely blessed! Beware of the length and settle in.. I gotta learn how to do a slideshow!

Christmas Eve was always spend with my parents and brothers. We always have the most wonderful food ever. My older brother is a chef at the steakhouse in French Lick Resort. He definitely likes to spoil us with his emense talent of making beautiful and tasty food! My parents spoiled us with lots of wondeful things including a new vaccum set with tons of attachments & Ayla a new chair (so cute!). We let Ayla open the gifts from Mommy and Dada. She is at such a fun age. I suspect next year she will be opening all of Leah's for her too! Daddy surprised me with a brand new camera (Canon XSi)! I wasn't expecting anything of this scale from him. Oh man! Christmas brunch is always with my grandparents, which is what I look forward to all year. This weekend concluded our last 2 stops on the holiday train with Jeff's family's gatherings.

Ayla loved her dolls & playing with her cousins. Her and Leah are severly outranked!

You can see one of Ay's fave new toys is a rocking horse! Other gifts included a new kitchen, books, lots of baby dolls, a cool big kid chair, & a peddle car.

Too cool!

This holiday season has been the best not due to those gifts mentioned above, but the gifts I have posted previously about. Dec 26th the twins, Jackson & Noah, were born and thanks to many prayers and God's grace those boys are doing much better. Dec 27th Ella was born, our friend's little miracle girl. I have only briefly met her but she sure is cute! Dec 29th Koen was born and after a rough start is adjusting well to his life here with his mommy & daddy. Of course, I have had so much fun capturing sleeping babies on my new camera. But, I am most thankful for the health of these lil children who are sure to make a mark on this world.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Paci Update: Day 4

Its day 4 and we're hanging in there! Ayla has been doing really well. I really assumed it would be SO hard. But, I guess that is what is great about being a mom. Most of the time our children are much better than we expect.

She is still taking the paci only at bed/naptime. She hasn't asked for it once since last night. We are so proud of her. The plan stands at clipping the tip off in about a week. It will be a great feeling to know my little one will be miss independent before Leah arrives. :)

I want to send a big shout out to all the wonderful mommies who helped me with all the encouraging words and advice on our paci patrol mission!

We'll keep you updated...