Monday, August 12, 2013

Ayla goes to Kindergarten

So it happened... the dreaded first day of kindergarten.  I have officially broken into the mom of a school aged child club.  I know if it was possible to homeschool my kids I would.  It just isn't something that would mesh well for my kids.  Very blessed with great friends in Ayla's class that reminds me that she is where she should be.

She slipped out of bed without effort.  Awake happy & ready for the day.  We even had time to read to bro before breakfast.

Ayla Joy age 6
First day of Kindergarten August 9, 2013

Sis snuck in one :)  They make my heart leap

Mamaw greeted us at the front door.  Super cool that she is our PE teacher!

Mrs. Hand is her teacher

We made it through the day!  I wasn't too sure what to do with myself most of the day.  It just seemed odd not having her sweet presence in the kitchen or someone fighting with Leah.  Dad met us there to see how his little girl did.  
She beamed with confidence.  She said it was the "best day ever".  Nothing but good stories to report.  It made me so happy to know she had a great start.  Glad its the weekend now and we can spend time together.  So proud of my big girl!