Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Choo Choo Abe is two!

So it happened while I was not looking... my little boy grew up.  At least a little.

He is as true to "boy" as I ever expected.
Loud, messy, silly, snuggly, rough & sweet.

Abram Jeffrey at 24 months
weighs a mere 23.4 lbs

His Favorites
Mommy, running, throwing, & mommy
Oh, and throw in a tractor/truck/train and he's got it

Favorite Foods
Cheese, pasta, & fruits
Still a little particular about food, but willing to try new foods

We had a train party for little man and he even got his own train table.  It has been such a wonderful gift.  The girls spend lots of time building and chugging along also.

Quite possibly the only picture within 6 months of just him & I.  

Abe's personality is strong, stubborn, but very loving.  I think he will be a great leader one day.  He makes friends very easily and is social with all.  He speaks well and is gaining new vocabulary every day.  He is pairing 2 words together.  If you don't understand him he gets very loud & persistant until you do!  Abe can count 1-2-3.  Jumps with 2 feet.  And knows a few colors (blue, yellow, green)

We love our little man more than words can express.  I feel overwhelmed with joy to call him mine.  I pray daily for you to use your strong personality for good and to bring others to know the Lord.  We look forward to many more years of fun with you.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Father Daughter Dance 2014

I was able to take advantage of my sweet girls being dressed up to do a small photo shoot.  Im quickly realizing how badly I have slacked in photos this year and vow to catch up.
This was the first dance, or "ball" as the girls say, they have gone to.  I tried not to spend too much on dresses but instead focus on making it special in other ways.  Isn't my sweet girl growing up!

Little Leah wasn't too sure about it all.  But fell in love.  She's definitely a girly girl at heart.

This is my favorite photo of the day.  
I feel so blessed to call them mine.

We can't wait for another special event like this.  
But, hey, what about Mommy-Son?!