Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Celebration

Goodness, I am so thankful for my Lord, Jesus Christ and his sacrifice so I can be a Mommy to these cuties and raise them up to love on others!!!

I think they clean up pretty good.

Ayla even took a picture of Jeff and I which is a rare thing.  Next week will be 11 years of marriage for us.  Seems like forever and just a blink of an eye at the same time.

After church we came home, snapped our family pics, opened up some fun goodies, and made Resurrection rolls while discussing the story of Christ death and resurrection.  Then it was off to Uncle Matt's for a fun day of family and egg hunting

Milly has really starting taking off this weekend.  She is beginning to walk on her own.  It is so exciting watching them learn something new!

The kids were so excited about the egg hunt and there was SOOO many eggs!

Hope your Easter was full of hope, love and laughter!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Feeling Crafty

I realized late one morning that Abram had 2 weeks off from school.  Since we had snow days the girls lost most of their first week.  Which meant I needed to keep us busy!

Out came the paints.  I did crafts daily with the bigs.  I need to impart some of that on this boy!  He loved it.  Though he has a much shorter attention span than I remember with the big girls.  It was a success.  We have been working on writing our name for rewards.   He is doing so well with it.  Emilia even got in the action and painted a bit.

Making thumb-bunnies and a silly smile

Giving in Love

Just like her big sister, Leah could not wait to grow her hair out to donate it for wigs for kids.  She has had it set in her mind for a long time now.  Mom finally gave the go ahead.  


She loved it from the very first snip!


This girl has a heart of gold!  I am so thankful to be her Mommy.
I admit it was hard to see that pony tail be cut.  She instantly grew older in my eyes.  
We all could stand to be a little more like Leah.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

You are my sunshine

This weekend we celebrated Emilia's first birthday.  Our house was packed with people, food, and good times.  I chose a "sunshine" theme because it just fits her.  She lights up our day.  She is so bright and fun.

You are my sunshine Milly
This is the cake table.  My awesome aunt made her delicious cakes and I whipped up the other sweets.  I forgot to snag a picture of the full food table.  But, will add an after photo later.

I chose my favorite moments in pictures from her first year.
First smile, sitting up, trips we took, or sweet moments with her siblings.

These two should be brothers.  They fight one minute and are best of friends the next.

Milly and Mamaw.
wish i had gotten a better picture of her sweet outfit.  the day was kinda a blur.

praying over our sweet one year old

family picture lol we are a mess!!

What a fantastic day it was.  I am sad to see her first year is gone so fast.  But so excited to see what the next year will bring!  Thanking God for our blessings!!