Saturday, March 12, 2016

Emilia Micah: 12 months

I am not sure how we made it here so quickly.
But, you, my dear are ONE year old.

Mommy is so thankful for you in her life.
I can not imagine even a single hour without your smiles, giggles, snuggles, and kisses.

From the very first moment I laid eyes on you I knew you were mine.
You are sweet, very smart, talkative, a busy body, opinionated, and Mommy is by far your favorite.

Emilia Micah
at 12 months:

You can walk but, have not figured that out yet.  You must hold my finger.  But are so sure footed.  It is only a matter of time before you will be running & chasing your brother & sisters.

You crawl in your own unique sort of way.  Best way to describe is a baby gorilla.

You are very smart.
Your speaking ability reminds us of your older sister, Leah at this age.  You speak very clear.  You have a big vocabulary.  At times you connect 2 words, like "hi dog-dog"

(mama, dadda, sissy, bubba, dog-dog, kitty, hi, bye, mamaw, go, tickle, cookie,bite, all done, please)

You still use some signs: all done, please, eat, drink

Last month you spread out your nursing sessions and we only nurse about 2x a day.  In the am & pm
You are a pretty good eater.  You will try just about anything.
You say "mmmmm" when you see food

Your favorite foods: 
cottage cheese, yogurt, blueberries, mac cheese, deli turkey, mandarin oranges, cookies, peas

You love to play in the kitchen while mama cooks.  You spend a lot of time exploring the lids, cups, and tupperware.  You love on baby dolls, hug them & say "aww"  You love when the big kids push you on your ride on toy around the house.

You have several nicknames:
Milly, Emi, Sugar Bear, Sugar, E, Sissy

No matter what name we call you, you are loved so much by everyone who meets you!

Emilia Micah you will forever be my baby.
I love you more than the sun, the moon, and the stars.

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