Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Tiny Tapper

Ayla had her annual Christmas recital. This time of year our studio takes time to do for a local nursing home. I think its a sweet way of giving back this season instead of doing a production for ourselves.

This is Ayla's first year being a "tiny tapper"

Little sister wanted a picture too! She can't wait for her turn to dance next year. Its definitely something I look forward to watching her do, bc we can tell its something that she really loves. But, this year she sat with mama and happily clapped and got excited with each group that came on the floor :)

Ayla did really well. She was hilarious. She kept picking her wedgie during her routine and I kept whispering "not now!" to her haha. Afterwards she said "when you've got to itch, you've got to itch!"
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And so it began....

We started with Ayla's preschool Christmas party... Leah was invited and she felt right at home. At times I truely wonder if Leah thinks she is 5. We celebrated Jesus' birthday and ate lots of yummy treats. The girls were definitely spoiled.

Nearing the end of the day a special visitor came to see the class...

Ayla loved the big guy. I must admit he was the cutest Santa. hehe She sat on his lap, rubbed & tugged on his beard, and when she realized it wasn't fake she smiled so BIG! Leah sat on my lap watching his every move, listening to what every child said to him, and kept telling me "Im not ready yet".

She never became "ready" hehe I did persuade her into saying hello and getting a candy cane mainly bc I don't want her to be afraid of people in costume. We don't really do alot of "santa" stuff... we watch the movies and talk about the fun. But he's not "real" in our house, just a fun part of celebrating the season. Both girls are comfortable in telling you why we celebrate Christmas :)

That night was her school program. It was alot of fun to watch the kids all dressed up singing!

Hope you guys are enjoying your holiday festivities...
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lil Man: 28 wk 5days

Today was my glucose test. Wooo.

Its like drinking a flat Sunkist with a couple packets of sugar added in 5 mins or less. Gag.

Its been awhile since I've updated on pregnancy #3...everyone said it would. ha

Baby Boy finally has a name. We've actually had it picked for a little bit, but I wasn't sure if I had clearance. Today he said we can tell people- but he wants to tell our parents first. Sooo... for the 2 people who read my blog- you must wait a few more days until we have time to talk to our parents. Not for approval, just so they feel honored I suppose.

Not alot to report.
Sleeping well, minus my potty breaks.
Lil man is pretty relaxed in my womb, however when he gets moving my belly dances ( love this).
I have officially gained 18lbs.
Depressing. Since I gained 17 w Leah total and 21 with Ayla total. I am swallowing my pride a bit right now. Obviously, my life isn't about me and my body right now its about this lil man thriving and being healthy. I will put it on record that Pinterest is mainly to blame. I have baked an obsene amount of sweets this year because of it!
The girls are getting really excited and talking more and more about him. Their fave thing to do is sing to my belly.
Nursery is starting to happen. Meaning the door is opening, walls are 80% primed, bedding is purchased, etc

Main objective over the next few weeks: Nursery painted and striped, freezer meals being made
I'll let you know how it goes....

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Monday, December 19, 2011

What we've been up to...

Seems like the days & weeks are flying by. Its hard for this mama to understand how big her girls are getting and very soon a new addition will be arriving. Christmas is right around the corner and the girls are REALLy into it this year. Which is helpful, since its 50 deg outside, causing a delay in my holiday spirit.

Id say we're done with our Christmas prepartions.... tree is up, lights are hung, we've watched the grinch daily for 2 weeks, etc. Not too mention the massive amounts of baking and sampling of sweets in our house. :) Hot chocoloate is a fave for all of us. And this year I haven't scrimped on it and went 'box' cocoa. We're drinking the real deal.

We've also made our first batch of teacher gifts. Weird. And made gingerbread cookies to decorate and "eat". I was so excited about doing this. The girls were pumped. They turned out beautiful! BUT I spit out my first bite. I guess I don't like gingerbread? Who knew? Its smells so lovely.... oh well. After my weigh in at the md today- it was a good thing I don't like gingerbread!

I am getting a bit sappy this close to baby #3's arrival! I look at this picture and realize I do NOT have a baby in the house right now. Both of my girls are growing up so fast and are at extremely fun ages!

Ms. Sassafrass def enjoyed the sweets!

We moved on to gingerbread contruction. I wasn't too sure how my first batch of gingerbread would really turn out, so I opted for the kit at Walmart. We used it last year and its SO nice to just have the icing, candy, etc plus the house is sturdy and up!
Ayla especailly enjoyed this. She seems to be a math girl. Must get that from her daddy. She is really into counting and does well into the 30's. She did paterns on her side of the roof and all the border. She was very particular. We all know Leah did not do that, but that is one thing I love about being a mom. We can celebrate our differences from day 1 :)

Owens Gingerbread Home 2011
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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Baby Fix

Melanie 6 days old

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Playgroup Parents Cmas Party

Party Prep

Cheers girls... lots of good food, friends, and silly games! The night was awesome!!

Patiently waiting for my turn at white elephant...

Gift giver of the year goes to Abby. Thanks for my rice pillow :)

Well, maybe Dusty is gifter of the year... with this little lady. Fifi, the rat was unwrapped by my lovely husband. Fifi, the rat, didn't make it through the weekend. I promise we fed & watered her but she prob got a little too cold in the garage.

Wrapped up the night with Minute to Win it games.!
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Our First Moments with Lanie

Wanted to document all our first moments with Lanie....
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Monday, December 5, 2011

Im an Auntie again!

Melanie Rose Cosby

born 12-5-11 @ 12:11 am

7'9 & 20.5in

She is cute as a button. My first niece!!
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