Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So Far So Good...

So far our annual trip to French Lick has been more than good.
We've spent many needed time with nephews.
Eaten lots of great food.
Not slept.
Hung in the sun.
Been in the water every chance we could get.

We went back to the waterpark on Saturday with Jeff's bros, thier kids, and my inlaws.
It is such a fun place. Really laid back, but with lots of things going on.
Both girls loved the slides.As you can see... Leah is a rebel. Refuses to sit on her bottom at all costs.
Wyatt is tough.

Ridge's first time on slide. He loved it!

Its been a busy trip so far. Mostly spent with family. I traveled back home for service bc I had girls on stage doing a fun dance. It turned out really well. I am always proud of them. Yesterday was a Very Full day at Holiday World. The girls did exceptionally well. Much better than I expected. We had very few meltdowns (thankfully) and got home just in time to tuck them in bed. A post of pics soon.

Today is our day of "rest". I have been cooking preparing for special guests tomorrow. Once Leah wakes up from her nap we're going to stuff ourselves with yummy food and then groan as we lay in the sun with the girls :)

Hoping to take a few family pics tonight in the gardens. And tomorrow we're back to the waterpark with friends!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Monday, June 21, 2010

DC Fair

We went to help out at my dancers fair booth on Saturday.

It was alot of fun.

We sat in the shade behind the building- the girls snacked on fruit while daddy

grilled yummy turkey.

We passed some time by riding a couple rides. Its expensive man! 2 rides for 2 girls= $12. What is that all about? And our carnies were blinged out wearing large rhinestone dolla signs around their necks. HA One had an afro with a pick- loved it!

Both girls really enjoyed the rides which only gets me more pumped about our soon to be trip to FL. We're planning on a day at Holiday World and the waterpark.
They had a new attraction... The Sideshow museum. HA Leah wanted to check out the craziness. The man just ate flames. I was disappointed he didn't spit them out?
The cutest chicks at the fair... truckin.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010


I really wanted to do something fun with the girls on Friday since the week had been so busy. I have had alot of things on my plate which tends to overwhelm this Mama. But thankfully here soon we'll be at our villa in French Lick for 5 days. I love that trip bc that means Jeff is with with us full time. That means two things... 1. I am not without adult conversation- not that he always wants to listen to me and 2. I get "time off". Because all you Mama's know "time off" doesn't happen often, especially if you're a stay at home mom.

Back to Friday... I wanted to take the girls to the splash park in Petersburg. I love the free-ness of it all, laid back- I don't have to feel like I need to stay a long time, picnic lunch and fenced in so I won't lose my kiddos. Unfortunately, my only willing friend didn't want to drive. Blah. So we tried out the WOW (waterworld of washington-cheesy name). Hence, the blog title.

It was alright. Clean. Safe. Beautiful day. Though I don't know if I'll be doing it again soon. It's hard to have 2 kiddos in a place like that by yourself. Leah wanted to play in the fun splash area while Ayla wanted to follow Mere in the pool. For the first hour I think I stood there looking back and forth to make sure both kids were happy and safe. And they were. I was sad that I couldn't spend time with both of my kids. I want to be a part of thier day everyday.

Oh well. *sigh*

Two kids is hard by myself. So Im curious what 2+? will be like...

A great thing about pool days are good naps. Hope to be taking one of those soon.

Right now we're packing up to go to the fair. :) My dancers run a super yummy food booth. We sell marinated turkey tenders, pulled pork bbq, tacos in a bag, and nachos. Oh. Yum. All 4 of us will be there tonight to help and take the girls on some rides. I can't believe my Leah is old enough to do fair stuff.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My amazing mother!

My amazing mother ran in her first official triathalon today.

I have new found respect for these women.
I know many of them were from Washington and I am so proud of every one of them.

They swam 400 meters.

They biked 9 miles!

Then after all of that... they ran 3 miles.
She got 49 out of 260 women! Wowza.
3rd in her age group!
I feel so blessed to have such a strong mom.
Congrats Mom!
We are all so proud of you!
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Family Fun

This weekend was full of family fun.
And thankfully because it was much needed after all the sickies and storms and in between.
It all started Friday night with a good ol' fashioned movie night.

This was the first time Leah got some popcorn in her bowl.

She thought she was tough stuff.
Mommy made cookies, we popped popcorn and watch Toy Story 2.
It was really cute.

My girls were even cuter :)

Saturday and Sunday we spent time at a family friend's pool. Just a couple hours is enough splashing and squirming.

Ayla has gained alot of confidence in the pool this year. She is still a very cautious person by nature, but will float around in her ring and kick her feet. Still won't jump in, but that's ok.

One day.

Leah Loves the water. Giggles so loud and kicks her legs. Kinda clings to whoever is holding her a bit though. I hadn't been sucessful in talking her into using a baby float. Until this weekend that is! Things will be alot easier this summer being able to take the girls swimming on my own!

Looking forward to more family fun this summer..

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Do you hear what I hear...

On a daily basis you may hear a lot of funny things around this house. I am sure I am not alone in this. At least I hope I am not the only one.... hmmmm For example, I'll share some things I remember saying or hearing lately.

"Its not nice to sit on your sisters head."

"Mom, you're Princess Beauty. SOO pretty." (while watching me put on make up)

"Close the door. I need to practice my ABC's" (while heading into the bathroom)

When I ask the girls something fun like "Who wants to go outside!" both girls raise thier hands and say "I DO!" Too cute to see a 13 mo old do this. This also works for many phrases... "Who loves Mama?" "I DO!".... "Who thinks Daddy is crazy?" "I DO!" :) (just kidding- maybe)

Me:"Go to sleep and close your eyes, Ayla"

Ayla: "Why?"

Me: "Because you sleep with your eyes closed and its bedtime."

Ayla: "Why?"

Me: "That's how we sleep."

Ayla: "How about we talk about our day (insert smile)"

Discussion over going to dance class in the fall :
"Im gonna eat all my vega-bles and grow strong muscles. And Im gonna dance and dance. And Mere is going to eat too. And and we'll dance like this (while jumping up and down- all said in one breath)."

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hot Stuff

We just got in from a wedding on the golf course. It was amazingly HOT. What else is hot? The belt Im sporting? Why yes, I made that an hour before we left for the wedding. I wanted something to tie with the girl's dresses. And thus, the belt was born. Its actually a belt (I made) and one of my awesome flower corsage pins, but whatever. :) Hope you all have been staying cool!
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I can see this weekend is ending way too fast!
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Speckled. That's what my kids have been on & off for the past couple weeks. I hate when my kids are sick. And lately it seems like that's all they have been. It first started off with Leah. She got a fever and treated for her ears again. Soon after the rash (speckles) appeared. The nurse in me HAS to know what's up and the mom in me NEEDS to worry.

I figured out it was handfootmouth disease after a day or so. Ayla had it around the same age Leah is now. Its pretty harmless. So we stayed in. Not so fun when its so nice out! Little did I know the speckles were to make another appearance. Late last week Ayla got the fever. The next day I started to notice the speckles.

This time we were certain Ayla got chicken pox. Why me? I went out that night and purchased $20 worth of anti-itch everything. Lotion, oatmeal bath, benedryl cream... the works. The next morning we had planned to take the girls to the water park. Ayla woke to more rash, but it didn't raise or get angry or anything characteristic of chicken pox. We continued to stare and wait on her speckles. Some faded some multiplied. Its weird. After 72, I concluded it must have been some sort of strain of what Leah had. We stayed in the house most of the weekend.

But why is that my kids are the ones who get sick. We eat well. Never from the box (except macncheese which is my vice- oh how I adore thee). Both girls fave foods are fruit & vegis. They both eat salad with dinner. I carry hand sanitizer in every bag I own and Leah has known how to rub her hands together since she was way to young!

The speckles have left the building though. Today Ay woke with just a few faded areas left. Leah has some dried skin as reminder of its presence. And we all are ready for a summer outdoors and with friends free of speckles or anything other bug!