Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What I want to Remember....

I thought I want to record a few things I'd like to remember about 2010 and what the girls are up to right now. There is something about this time of year... its nostalgic. We watch the same movies we did as kids, we have traditions with family, and we tend to eat & cook the same dishes each year. But, one thing that will never be the same is our children.

It seems like daily I notice something new and fun that my girls are learning or imitating. Its so amazing and makes me wonder why us as adults slow down our learning curve. Why are we not constantly learning and changing? That is my prayer for 2011. Id like to sit down next year this time and reflect on growth in all aspects of the word.

Leah is now 20 months old. She seems tall for her age, though we do not have a well check until she turns two. I have noticed her maturing. She isn't as aggressive. She is easy to reason with through her moments of fits. She is definitely Not going to be a passive personality. She is strong willed and emotional like her Mommy. Which isn't always a bad thing.

She jumps with both feet off the ground, can almost do a somersault unassisted and runs all over the place. She loves to be active and put on a show. She is destined to entertain. She loves to make people laugh and demand your full attention. She'll say "isten Mommy, isten" and pull my head toward her. She continues to speak so well. Leah can count to 11 and sing her ABC's, Twinkle, Twinkle, & Itsy Bitsy.

Ayla is 3 1/2. She is starting to talk about preschool and seems to be excited about. We haven't totally decided on where, but confident she will do well. We have slacked off a bit this winter in our daily learning activities (bad mom). This season has knocked me off my feet. Recognizing several letters.... A, L, H, O, P, Q, Y, Z (I believe). She doesn't quite get the phonics part yet, but I know that will come. She has such a sweet faith and I love having conversations with her about God & Jesus. Yesterday she said, "Mom, Jesus is special because he is God's son." I am so thankful for a wonderful staff in her sunday school who help us nurture her.

Lately, she is very into pretend play... tea parties, vacations, playing house, walking the dog and sometimes being the dog. Most mornings when I am cleaning you can find her up on her bed in a mound full of books and random objects that will make up the particular scene she is in. She allows Leah to play with her most of the time. When I ask her who her best friends are she says Leah & Meredith & Wyhatt.

The girls are typical sisters... they love playing together and whenever one is not with the other we often get asked where the other is and when they are returning. It is very sweet. But they love to torture each other hehe I break up many a tiff over "that's mine" etc-- then its over and fine. Kids.

Favorite Things at this age:
Ayla... still requests to have us sing "Twinkle, Twinkle" every night (usually more than once)
Leah... still wants to snuggle, rock before bed even though her legs are getting to big for the rocker

Hardest Things at this age:
Ayla... dramatics, she gets upset over the littlest thing but its the end of the world sometimes
Leah... testing our limits, seeing how far she can go before she gets scolded

Looking forward to:

Ayla... loving school and learning in a happy, loving environment

Leah... learning to play with friends and taking her first gymnastics class

Dance has been crazy and rollercoaster-ish. Which is pretty typical. We are getting into the busy season now. Meaning the rest of winter will probably fly by much like this year did. I try to take time to family day during the week. Jeff is super-dad, no lie. He is amazing. I couldn't ask for a more involved daddy.

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Tera said...

Great idea and I loved reading about your sweet girls. You will not regret writing things like this down. I've been bad about working with Brynna on school things too the last two months.