Saturday, August 18, 2012

Abram: 4 months

Wow. How is it I am always behind? Perhaps we are having too much fun this summer?   Better late than never.  Now that school has started I am hoping to be much more diligent in documenting our family and lil sweet little boys milestones!

Abram at 4 months...

26in 11lb 12oz size 2 diaper 
You wear 0-3 mo & 3-6 mo clothes 

You nurse well every 2 hours.  We increased your feeding (and mama is eating like crazy) to help "beef" you up!
You have spent most of your days swimming or watching your big sisters play.  You follow them and laugh and kick your legs.  We all think you will be active early.

You welcomed in a new cousin, John Cooper.
Ayla 5, Ridge 3, Leah 3, Abram 4 mo

You attended a 5 day, overnight dance camp with Mommy & her team

The dancers all LOVED having you around!  We had a silly, yet successful week.
First time in your exersaucer.  Now one of your favorite spots!

You take a cat nap about every 1.5 hrs after you nurse and usually 1 longer nap each afternoon.
You are sleeping ok at night, but love to snuggle with mama.  Most nights you only wake up once to nurse, then back to sleep.

We enjoy you everyday big boy :)
So much of you is changing except that sweet, loving personality keeps on going!

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Chelsa said...

what an adorable little man!!!