Monday, November 12, 2012

Abram: 7 months & pat on the back

Abram at 7 months...
wears size 6-12 mo clothes, size 3 shoe, size 3 diapers

took his first trip to pumpkin patch & lark ranch

eating great now!
nursing every 3-4 hrs plus solids 2x day plus snacks
favorite foods include: oatmeal w cinnamon, yogurt, roasted sweet potatoes, and puffs

you are a very social boy.  always has smiles to give.
very ticklish and silly.

starting to play more
you and leah are buds- she can make you laugh so hard
you are able to entertain yourself now also

working on fine motor, including feeding yourself and finding everything on the floor you shouldn't!!
clapping hands and waving bye-bye

moved to your own crib beginning on the month and by the end you figured out you could sleep longer periods without perishing from lack of food ha  mommy is very happy!

you found your voice recently gabbering "mama" "byebye" and screeching
you seem to talk the most when you are hungry

you don't sit still for very long anymore
army crawling very fast and everywhere
you like to climb in, on & through things

mommy is still your favorite person :)

I am finally caught up on posting lil man's milestones!  Phew.  Pat on the back.  He is growing so much lately and am just so proud of all my kiddos and the joys (& struggles) they bring to my daily life.  I really wouldn't change a thing.  No amount of money or things could fill the places they have in my heart.


Tasha said...

I love the last part about NOOOO amount of money could replace the love for them you have in your heart or something like that! Well however you worded it, it was great!! ha ha You are a good momma!

Brandy Sweet said...

You have done such a great job of keeping up with his milestones! With 3 kids I dont know where you find the time. Kuddos momma :)

Ashley said...

He seems like such a sweet, loving boy! And happy you can get a little more sleep:)