Friday, May 9, 2014

Heart of Gold, Locks of Love

Several months before this decision was ever made a very sweet friend of Ayla's came to dance class with a new haircut.  She explained how she cut her hair for Locks of Love.  My sweet girl with a heart of gold was interested in the whys... why donate?  why are kids sick?  do they ever grow their own hair? etc  It led us to videos online of kids ill and kids who donated.  She on her VERY own made the decision to donate.  We talked and I told her we would grow it out a few more months and wait to see if she felt the same.  Over those months she asked weekly when she could donate.

I can't even believe her hair was this long!

She was so proud of her decision.  And loves her new do.  Mommy got emotional.  But, I can't get enough of that cute hair cut.  It just suits her.

So proud of my girl with her heart of gold
Donated 9 inches to Locks of Love April 2014

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