Saturday, August 1, 2015

Finishing up the Summer

Both of my girls headed to camp this year.  It was a first year overnight for my Ayla.  This was so big for mama.  But she was in great company with my best friends as dorm moms and her best friends as cabin mates.  She had the best time!

Leah and her buddies from school all came out for their first Charlie Brown day.  She had a blast and met lots of new friends.  So neat to have a retreat like this in our small town.

One last trip to the splash park with our buddies.  Cope & Abe were the only 2 guys  
I have a feeling in a few years they will not be complaining about that.

Ayla also wrapped up her first year in 4H
I think it really suits her.  She really enjoyed the meetings and getting her projects ready for the fair.
She had two projects.  Cooking and Gardening
We were able to pick and show veggies from our family garden
She learned to read and follow a recipe
She made Rice Krispies for her show project.  She did an excellent job and made them all by herself!  Well, I supervised the stove and helped lick the bowl clean after.
Like a good kitchen assistant does.
Leah is already planning her first year projects.

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