Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Weekend...

Well the weekend is over and it was happy. :)

Cheese. I know.

Let's do a recap... Shall we?

Friday night we had some family time here at the Owens' house. Jeff has been begging me to "allow" him to go to WalMart with me. See, that's Mommy time. But, he claims it should be family time.... hmmm. Its still up for debate. However, off we treked to WallyWorld. We bought some big girl panties for P-Day is coming soon.

Potty Day. C'mon, catch up.

Anyways, we grabbed some stuff to make for our cookout Saturday. I really should have taken pics bc the kids are always so cute! We had a blast at the Rainey's. The best part is watching the hub's chat and carry on. Ya know. Man stuff- like "how fast is your bike, with that kiddie trailer attached" and "bet I could swing mine higher". Typical.
In efforts to start P-day (or most likely days) we've been talking up wearing panties. Because its an honor she'll soon know. She asked to go ahead and put them on, we obliged. One accident later, I set an egg timer for 10 min. Every time it would DING we'd sit on the potty. Jeff says let me hear you potty Gross. But it worked. She went 3 times. First two we celebrated were meeger amounts but worth skittles but the last was a work of art- art made of pee in a plastic potty.

She's proud.

So are we.

Later that night we attended a celebration of life. It was awesome fellowship with great food and friend. I met 'That Girl' (she's so cute!). I would prove it but Jessie took off with my stroller + baby + camera. Oh well. It was an awesome event! Mandi and Andre did an amazing job sharing with us. The kids feasted on inflatables and ice cream. We should do this more often.

Looking forward to a great week! I have a lot to share with you... projects we've Completed. Yes, I know. Its serious. But, I shall have pictures up soon. Hopefully, and playgroup swimming! Wahoo.


Jessie, Dusty, and Koen said...

hehe..sorry about that...if it makes you feel any better, I brought my camera to both of those same weekend events, and took ZERO pics! I'm a bit forgetful;) Glad you had a fun weekend. Tell Ayla congrats!!

Chelsa said...

way to go ay!!
can't wait to see the completed projects!!!

and in the post above this one-- leah is just so cute! i just want to eat her up :)