Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Favorite Things

I hope the title didn't put that song into your head... cuz if it did- you wouldn't be able to get it out. And the hills would be Alive with music. Really.

Anyways, packing for vacations is always stressful for me. I try to be very organized with pretty much anything I do. I tend to pack a week in advance. I double check and recheck. However, it always ends up that I wish I had brought a different dress, shirt, or camera cord.

This time I am SURE I got my absolute Fav-o-rite things packed.

What else would I need?


On other news... My little prissy is a potty training fool. She does so well. She's pretty much dare I say it trained on #1. We've had very few accidents, very few. We've been lucky. She's gone out a these past couple days in panties and we've had No accidents out. I would knock on wood, if I believed in luck. Which I don't. But, poos. Another story. She has done it on the big girl potty. But, I think its a bit strange for her? I can't quite put my finger on it. (and that would be gross) But, we're getting there. She tells us Right after #2's emerge... little to late sister.

Ok. I am sure you're glad you read all the vital information. But, its for the books.


Sonya said...

AWW! yes i think that is all you need on your vacation! I'm glad the potty training is going well. Hope it continues! Have fun on your trip:)

Jessie said...

I'll have to knock on wood for you since I believe in luck. HA! Obviously joking, just an expression I like to use...anyways, good luck potty training.

The Gingerich Family said...

YAY for Potty training!!! Yay for vacations...Oh, I need to share something with ya, we got a travel potty at Babies R Us last year for Grace when we went on travel, but never used it, until Iz started potty training, now we take it EVERYWHERE. It is so easy to pull off the road and let her go on it. Very easy and doesn't leave a mess...just wanted to pass that along.

Chelsa said...

gooo miss ayla!! she is getting so big :)

and miss leah is way too cute for her own good!

it was good to see ya the other night!

Lauren said...

Love those suitcase pics!

Tera said...

Make sure you remember to pack them when you come home too! :)

Brookeanne said...

Awesome! Got enough room for us in your suitcases?! ;)