Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Tiny Tapper

Ayla had her annual Christmas recital. This time of year our studio takes time to do for a local nursing home. I think its a sweet way of giving back this season instead of doing a production for ourselves.

This is Ayla's first year being a "tiny tapper"

Little sister wanted a picture too! She can't wait for her turn to dance next year. Its definitely something I look forward to watching her do, bc we can tell its something that she really loves. But, this year she sat with mama and happily clapped and got excited with each group that came on the floor :)

Ayla did really well. She was hilarious. She kept picking her wedgie during her routine and I kept whispering "not now!" to her haha. Afterwards she said "when you've got to itch, you've got to itch!"
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Ashley said...

I know for sure all the residents in the nursing home got a kick out of those kids coming out:) Such a nice thing to do! And I will have to remember...when you got a itch just itch no matter where it is. lol. Too cute!

Erica said...

seriously the itch! kids are so funny! Hoping your wonderful family had a great Christmas!

Chelsa said...

bahaha too cute!