Sunday, December 11, 2011

Playgroup Parents Cmas Party

Party Prep

Cheers girls... lots of good food, friends, and silly games! The night was awesome!!

Patiently waiting for my turn at white elephant...

Gift giver of the year goes to Abby. Thanks for my rice pillow :)

Well, maybe Dusty is gifter of the year... with this little lady. Fifi, the rat was unwrapped by my lovely husband. Fifi, the rat, didn't make it through the weekend. I promise we fed & watered her but she prob got a little too cold in the garage.

Wrapped up the night with Minute to Win it games.!
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Abby said...

gift giver of the year huh? :) yippy!!! honored! hope your enjoying your rice pillow as much as i am... can you say addicted over here!!! they are heavenly on cold cold days and make my neck and back feel grand after a long day of chasin' kiddos!! you threw a fabulous party and we had so much fun... hopefully it won't be christmas next year before we do it again!! :)