Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Love...

I love that my 2 yr old pretends to nurse her baby dolls.

I love that my husband no matter how stressed at work does not take it out on me or the kids.

I love super hot bubble baths. Like where you get all pink & wrinkly.

I love that my oldest wants to snuggle with me all the time.

I love boots even though watching me put them on is like watching a Chris Farley skit.

I love to dance. Everywhere. With my kids, with my team, at the studio, with my hubs, in the car.

I love feeling Abram beat me up from the inside and know I will miss having an excuse to potty so frequently.

I love dressing my girls alike. Hopefully they won't hate me for this later.

I love my friends and their generosity.

I love the security in knowing my Heavenly Father will always listen and always love me.

I love blogging, though it usually gets neglected.

I love being a stay at home mom even though the days are long & hard. I miss being a nurse but there is a season for everything.

I love cooking, baking, and eating a lot.


Jen said...

ha ha ha "a chris farley skit"...i laughed out loud when i read that because i know the feeling! love you!

Beth said...

I love reading your posts! Hope you're feeling better.