Wednesday, January 11, 2012


There have been a lot of preparations for little man's arrival. I'm 33 weeks today! It's starting to hit me how close we are and how things are going to be different. I thankfully hired a sitter to be able to do a major decor shopping excursion on Monday. It's definitely different decorating for a little man than for my girls. But I think I'm gonna love this nursery though!

A little sneak peak of the progress so far...
He obviously has a name. Some of you probably already have caught me on the streets or gabbed with others. I totally left u hanging! I apologize!

Abram Jeffrey (letters for his room drying)

I've had to prepare myself to enter the world of mommy- hood to a boy. It seems so odd. Though perfectly wonderful. I've had to think about things I say like "us girls" and start saing " the kids". We've been talking to Leah about talking & touching softly. If anyone knows Leah this is important. She is a strong, rough chick with a big heart. When lil man is ready to roughhouse he will def had a match!

Not to mention this old lady's body is doing its own prepping with lots of contractions especially at night plus my belly is becoming more jolly lately! I guess I will have to take a picture for proof of that later.

Amongst all the preparations I have started my dance season in full swing. I travel every other weekend up until Abram's arrival. We pray for our newest babe to continue to grow strong and the girls to be ready for the big change. God is good.


Tera said...

Nursery is looking good! Love the style of his crib and armoire. I get you on the "girls" thing. Poor Gabe, I am in such a habit of saying the "girls" that I have to recorrect myself a lot when we are with them! Praying contractions don't get too strong too early!

Beth said...

Omg the cuteness!
And I was checking your blog every day for a week looking for his name! Thankfully my little sis saw it on fb so I didn't have to call you myself and ask. Glad things are going well for you and your family. Take care!

Chelsa said...

The nursery is looking ADORABLE! Love the colors and style- very preppy!

I understand you on the "us girls" things- except for me it's "the boys" :)

Blaire said...

I love Abram's nursery! I'm glad you found a globe, and it looks perfect! Hope these last few weeks go by smoothly for you. Having a boy is so much fun, and you'll get to experience the best of both worlds now :)