Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ayla's High Tea 5th birthday

I thought alot about the girl's birthday's while I was pregnant with Abram.  I knew that I would be planning, purchasing, and throwing parties while having a newborn & nursing.  Five seems like such a big age that I decided we should do something special.  

 A tea party for a few special friends.
It was perfect.  Well, except for the fact that I forgot to charge my camera and it was completely dead.  Luckily, one of my best friends daughter was attending (who is also a pro photog).  Big thanks go to Brittany for snapping tons of sweet pics for me.  She is a blessing!
Ayla invited 3 of her closest friends Meredith, Sophia, & Lanie.  Plus, Leah and her friend Ava (Sophia's sister) took part.  The tea party was a hit.  I still hear about it from all her friends and from Ayla.  We served lots of sweets and sampled 2 kinds of "tea" pink tea (pink lemo) and purple tea (sugar free kool aid).  We made sunday hats and each girl had jewelry, lip gloss and a parasol at their seat.

We started the party helping them and discussing proper tea etiquette.  Then we left them alone to sip their tea and talk girl talk :)  Ayla said her favorite part was pouring the tea herself.  My grandmother provided the china and tea pots.  

I love these girls and all the fun times we had.  I hope they truly are friends forever.

(apologize for tiny pics- since my camera was dead these are pulled from my snapfish account from Britt)


Tera said...

We had a tea theme for Braylee's 2nd party. "Tea for Two!" :) Love all the details. Looks like you had perfect weather too.

(If you open each picture and then save it to your computer, I think they would be bigger? Don't save the thumbnail. YKWIM? I just say this bc I want to see the pictures! :))

Leah Robinson said...

So cute, but yes I want to see the pics bigger LOL

B.W. said...

So sweet! Realized I haven't seen anything from you in a while! I hope things are well!