Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Abram: 2 Months

How has 2 months gone by so quickly?

We took your first road trip.  Spring break 2012 to St Louis Zoo & the Magic House.  You traveled well and it was great to get away.

You are wearing size 0-3/3 month clothes, size 1 diapers (almost out).

Eating every 2-3 hrs during the day and 5-8 hrs at night.  You have slept all through the night a couple times and it was wonderful. Mama would be super happy if this continued- ha

You went through a growth spurt recently (you tanked up) wore this mama out- I resorted to eating alot of cookies and being grumpy.  Sorry! 

Your alert times are growing longer.  You swat at your toys.  Track sounds.  Rolled from belly to back at 7 wks.  Giggle.  Smile alot.  You mimic sounds and seem to want to "talk" alot.

Your personality is pretty laid back.  It is pretty clear when you are upset bc you have a super fiery cry! 

We love you to pieces lil man and couldn't be more happy!


Chelsa said...

what a precious little guy! it doesn't seem like it has been 2 months (but i'm not the sleep deprieved one, haha!).

Ashley said...

Gotta keep up with him hitting those milestones:) I bet everyday seems like something new!

Erica said...

Such cute pictures girlie! He is so handsome!