Monday, April 30, 2012

The little stuff...

I feel like I have neglected to post on the "little stuff' lately.  I will post on the milestones and the big events, but haven't posted the in between.  Honestly, the in between is just as important as the major moments. 

Gus HAD to get shaved.  Poor wooly mammoth got all knotted underneith.  Here is a crack me up before and after.   He is starting to grow out now all cute and fuzzy.  I promise to never let it get that bad again.  I love his long hair!

Ayla is finishing up dance for the season and had her recital pictures taken.  Love this time of year.  So cute.  I snapped this before heading out the door.

Leah seemed to grow up overnight once she hit 3.  Seriously!! She is so smart and mature for her age it baffles Jeff and I.  She has a very funny personality that is contagious.  She is also just an inch shorter than her big sister.  Sheesh.

We have been indoors which means a few things.  The girls fight more, like all.the.time. More.  I bake alot, like ALOT.  Obviously, means I am not losing this darn baby weight. 

But when we do get outside we've had alot of fun.  Like bubble chasing :)

That sweet girl also wrote her alphabet all on her own.  This is a big deal for her.  She's never been super into working on things at home, until recently.  She has began burning through pre-k workbooks when she gets the spark.  I really enjoy seeing her work through things.  She's definitely a math girl.

Since putting this post together a week ago, I started focusing on dieting.  Or, let's just call it, being more careful of what I eat.  With Abram nursing so frequently during the day I can't quite stop eating! Or drinking.  Or thinking of eating and drinking!  Wish me luck.  I broke the seal on my Zumba for Wii.

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