Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ayla: 5 years

Ayla recently turned 5 and  I wanted to update on some of this cuties milestones.

Ayla: 5 Years

Wears 4-5t sizes  weighs around 35 lbs, size 11/12 shoes

She had her first year of preschool.  We loved her teacher, Ms. Jami.  She grew to love school and never had a moment where she was nervous or didn't want to go.  She grew a lot academically, physically, & emotionally.  We plan on doing a pre-k program at a local private school before moving on to kindergarten so she can have one more year of being a "kid" 

She's had lots of opportunities to do more activities.  She was enrolled in dance all year, gymnastics for the summer, and soccer in the spring.  We have worked on being a good sport and enjoying everything we do.  She's a joy to watch because she tends to really put all she can into activities and can be a bit clumsy.  

With school and more activities came her first "friend" birthday party (not including our playgroup/church buddies).  

Has set chores to do each week.  Making her bed and feeding animals.  Both of which we have to remind her but most of the time does willingly.

She is an emotional, sweet child.  
Loves big... which means she gets her feelings hurt easily.

Ayla is always very polite and loving.

Easy to redirect or discipline.  

Asks to tilthe from her own piggy bank or give jar.

We are so proud of the little lady she has become.

This is my fave picture of her 2 years ago on her birthday.  Most days I still think she's that tiny girl in the picture.  But my baby is growing to be a wonderful young lady -not a baby.  Kinda bittersweet.  I can't wait to see what this year has to bring for us!

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what a sweet girl!!