Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Abram: 5 months

Almost half way to a year with you my dear and you just keep surprising us with your love.  You are learning new things day to day.  I am finding out not to rush you bc you will get it.  I look back to compare you against the girls, but you are doing things in your own time.

Abram at 5 months...
You wear 3 mo clothes, size 2 diapers

Your personality remains sweet, calm, easy to smile and giggle.  You seem like Leah, as in, you are very social and  don't mind being passed around for everyone to oogle you.
You ate your first bites of food (oatmeal)
Hated it! ha  
Since then you have tried many foods... all you have disliked.
Still nursing well, every 3 hours.

We had to say goodbye to friends this month as they move on their new journey!  But Im sure you and Grace will be pals again one day.

You are just now starting to be more stable sitting.  But better when supported.
You scoot around like a catapiller, but not on knees yet.

This month you found Gus & Lucy.  Im hoping you will be good friends, but as of now a little coo and hair pulling is what it amounts to.

We have taken a few trips.  This one was with most of the Owens family cousins at a family reunion.

Things you've learned:
Pulls you in for kisses
Waves (looks like flapping your arm)

Ps. I will get this caught up by the time you are one :)

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