Monday, December 31, 2012

Abram: 9 months

Abram at 9 months

weighs 17 lb 5 oz  27 in long

wearing size 6-12 mo size 3 diaper size 3 shoe

nurses well every 3-4 hrs, trying to give him new solids but he really doesn't love alot of foods
currently doesn't want anyone to feed him-independence early?
winter time fun starting
starting to become SUPER active!
crawling (lightning speed) and cruising now

Abram helped set up his own Christmas tree in his room.  He was even a really good boy and left it alone.

First ear infection
Such a trooper. 
Still a social boy but starting to show a bashful side.  He likes to hide his face and smile when others are talking to him.  Mama is by far his fave person ever.  Though dad is a close second.

jabbering alot.
says "ma" "mama" "da" "hi" "bye"

loves to play patty cake, peek a boo, and give high fives.
doesn't sit still for long
likes music, my tupperware cabinet, cars, and snacks


Erica said...

Abram your growing so fast!! Such a handsome boy!

Ashley said...

He is such a cute little boy! Favors his momma for sure:)