Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Another Christmas has come and gone....  this year was particularly special.  It was Abram's first and the girls were especially in the spirit.  It made for a great, great time.

We have a couple traditions that I hope we can continue with until our kids are grown and leave the house.  We bake a cake together and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus on Christmas Eve.
We wake the kiddos up with a video camera in their face and ask their fresh faces questions.
We take a picture of the kids in front of tree in jammies before the chaos ensues.
We take a self timer picture of the whole family after the chaos.

I felt overwhelming blessed.  
Not with the amount of gifts, but with love.
My kids are all at such fun ages.  I can tell they are soaking in so much now and I need to be prepared to be more of what I know they need for their future.  
Sometimes I can't even fathom that God has chosen me to raise these guys.  

Merry Christmas 2012

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Proverbs 31 Woman said...

I love watching your family grow :o) You are doing a good job, mama!