Sunday, February 17, 2013

Abram: 10 & 11 months

The last two months of my life seriously seem to have came and went with a sneeze.  Life is beyond our normal busy right now.  Looking back Abram has grown and matured so much recently.  I am so proud and happy with my little man.  Words do not even begin to describe!

These milestone posts on strictly for this mama.  I love looking back on here or in our books to remember what each child was learning, doing, eating, weighing... whatever.  Blogs are awesome.  I wish I could carve out more time.  More time for blogging and taking pictures.  But for now, milestones are taking priority.

Abram: 10 & 11 months

Started to wean nursing around 11 months.  Up until this time he was still nursing every 3-5 hrs.  Even waking up at night.  Since his weight has always been low I kept feeding him at night, most nights.  He easily weaned off of night feeding and down to 4x a day within a week.

Finally, Abe is finding "some" joy in foods.  He is very independent with eating.  It is rare if he wants to be fed from a spoon.  He began eating our meals with us around 10 months.  About 11 months he was eating larger portions.  Lots of new foods recently!  Fave foods: blue berries, freeze dried strawberries, pasta, banana

My first Valentines Day
Jabbering more.  I can make out more conversational moments with him.  Words: Mom, Dad, Da (dance), hello, do (dog), bap (paci), yes

New tricks: shaking head "yes", putting phone to ear and saying "hello", dances ALOT, songbird when musics on, roars like a lion

Currently a little clingy.  Not sure if its a separtion anxiety, but he really really really likes Mommy!  Daddy is obv second best.  He used to be very social and jump into others arms, but seems to be more resistant to that.

So close to walking.  Standing alone (until he figures out he is standing alone).  Likes to wear shoes.  I really think he just knows he can get places fast by crawling.

Planning a first birthday.  :)  Vintage Airplane theme.  Because this year has "flown" by.  1st bdays are strictly to surround Mama with love after realizing her baby is growing.  I am getting very sentimental this time around.


Erica said...

Happy 10/11 months Abram! Can't wait to see pics of the party. Im sure it will be super cute!

Proverbs 31 Woman said...

Such a precious little man! You are doing a good job mama!