Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Is it possible that once I had my third child I was automatically reduced to 20 hr days instead of the normal 24?  Because it sure feels like I used to be a supermom taking photos left and right.  Showered most days.  Exercised (sometimes).

Do.not.get.me.wrong.  I would not change anything in life.  Nothing.  I love my chaos.  I love my kids.  I just want my four hours back.  A Mom could get a lot done in that time, right?  Laundry.  Photos of my children (not on my phone- its not the same).  Blog.  Shower.  Exercise.  Possibly even coffee with a friend.  

But since it doesn't look like I will be getting my precious time back anytime soon.  I will just recap what has happened recently.  Since I last posted we had family time with Christmas in Jan.  Dance travel season kicked off in full swing.  Party Planning.  Valentines Day.  100 Days of School.  And Im sure so much more!

Photo Recap....

15 yr dance reunion! 25 people came out of 82 former members

60 degrees in Jan- midwest living
Abes first Valentines Day
Leah's bestie Ella
My first IU game :)
100 Days of school 100 years old
Leah's first trip to dentist!


B.W. said...

They are beyond beautiful and adorable!!!

Erica said...

I love updates of your precious family!! I swear just being a mom of one I can't get anything done. You are still superwoman!