Monday, July 8, 2013

Where did my baby (teeth) go?

Look at that sweet face?
I haven't been so great at documenting events lately.  One very important change... teeth.  Or missing them.  Ayla lost her first two baby teeth at age 5.  Since her 6th birthday, she then she has lost 6 total!
This is her last picture with her beautiful front teeth.  I just loved them.  I know that sounds strangely sentimental, but its true.  
They have been wiggly for some time.
On our way home from Cincy for Cooper's birthday she calmly said, "dad do you know what I want you to have for fathers day.... to pull my tooth out"

Happy Father's Day 2013 Jeff

This is my fave pic.  Jeff and I laughed so hard when we looked back.  Pure, sweet Ayla.  That fear quickly turned into joy.


One down... the other gone in 2 days!

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